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Sedona Panorama   Leave a comment

Sedona Panorama blogSedona, Arizona Panorama — Image by kenne

There’s a special vortex in Sedona for John McCain. May he rest in peace. — kenne


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Sunset Victor In A Vector Vortex   2 comments

desert-eye-sunset-ii-obstract-art-ii-blogSunset Victor In a Vector Vortex — Abstract Art by kenne

the past 
a Victor radio
in the middle
of a sunset
the present 
a vector

the future
a whirling
work of art 
a visual mass
where the sound
parted like
a note divide
in search of itself.

— kenne 


Sedona Red Rock Country Panorama #3   Leave a comment

Mini Masa Vortex Sunrise (1 of 1) Panorama blogView South from Mini Masa Vortex at Sunrise (June 15, 2016) — Image by kenne

I am

earth blessed


the energy run


my very soul.

— kenne (5-7-5)

Sacred Minus The Profound   Leave a comment

Mini Masa Vortex & Drone (1 of 1) blogSedona (June 15, 2016) — Image by kenne

Sacred Minus The Profound

Three Women
in white
flying a
white drone over
Sedona Vortex.

— kenne (5-7-5)

Sedona Sunrise Panorama From Airport Rock   4 comments

Sedona Panorama_blogSedona Sunrise Panorama (June 15, 2016) — iPhone image by kenne

This panorama was taken atop airport rock, one of four main vortexes located in Sedona. It’s just a short walk up from the road leading to the airport.

On this particular morning, I was there at 5:30am MST. Although I captured several images with my Nikon cameras, this is a panorama taken with my iPhone 6. The energy I was able to take in yesterday morning is still with me.

I spent about an hour on the rock. The man standing panorama right was there when I arrived and still standing when I left. You don’t have to be at one of the four main vortexes to feel the energy found in the Sedona community. Still, many people visiting Sedona are not able to ride the vortex path — some are energy receptacles, some are not.

— kenne

Gibraltar Butte, Sedona   1 comment

Red Rock Country (1 of 1) Gibraltar blogGibraltar Butte, Sedona, Arizona

Red Rock Country Gibraltar_Panorama1 BlogGibraltar Butte Panorama — Images by kenne

To communicate with earth,

converse with spirits,

to report the vortex,

link with the omens of time,

and recurrent images —

a moment in and out of time.

— kenne

Perpendicular Monolith Slabs Under Clouds   2 comments

Clouds (1 of 1) blogPerpendicular Monolith Slabs Under Clouds — Image by kenne

A vision —


slab towers,


Generating an

energy vortex



to the Mothership.

— kenne

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