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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMorning Passion — Images by kenne


Lorca’s mode of thought
The demon and the angel
Living the duende.

— kenne

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Abstract I 6-11-09 II Angel In The Vortex blogAngel In Vortex — Image by kenne

“The angel comes with windy upward drafts, with transcendental longings; the duende arrives with demonic undertow, with downdrafts of emotion. Both are fundamental inner disturbances, fissures of being, ways of putting the self at risk, liberating figures. They are extremities of human imagination. There is a place on the endangered shoreline where they seem to meet, and where they may be indistinguishable from each other.

. . . Rilke wrote: ‘Works of art always spring from those who have faced the danger, gone to the very end of an experience, to the point beyond which no human being can go. The further one dares to go, the more decent, the more personal, the more unique a life becomes.”‘

 — from The Demon and The Angel; Searching for the Source of Artistic Inspiration, by Edward Hirsch

“Man’s ability to measure the spiritual, earthbound, and cosmic, set against his physical helplessness is his fundamental tragedy. The tragedy of spirituality.”

— Paul Klee

Searching for the Source of Artistic Inspiration   Leave a comment

Image by kenne

“Searching for the Source of Artistic Inspiration,” is the subtitle of Ed Hirsch’s 2002 book, “The Demon and the Angel.” The above image was taken while visiting family in southern California during the summer of 2002. I read Ed’s excellent book while relaxing on the patio, and have returned to it many times since. In honor of Ed Hirsch being the April Writers in Performance reader, this month’s Society of the 5th Cave book club selection is “The Demon and the Angel” and Hirsch’s National Book Critics Circle Award book of poems, “Wild Gratitude.” Both books are highly recommended.

You can learn more about Ed Hirsch and his writings, plan on attending this Thursday’s Writers in Performance.


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