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Looking Back — Kemah, Texas   1 comment

Galveston Bay - Kemah-14 blogGalveston Bay 

Galveston Bay - Kemah -14 blogKemah Boardwalk

Galveston Bay - Kemah-14-2 blogJoy, Kemah, Texas (March 2003)– Images by kenne

I have a Nikon,
I love photography — 
Catching time and place.

I catch dreams
Using my eye,
Experience and heart.

The eye is the aperture
Through which 
Nature sees itself

Becoming the source
Of all light
Not in the present,

Which is consumed
In the past and future,
But a creative moment

To which the artist
Knows is lost 
When held on to.

— kenne

Sedona Red Rock Country Panorama #3   Leave a comment

Mini Masa Vortex Sunrise (1 of 1) Panorama blogView South from Mini Masa Vortex at Sunrise (June 15, 2016) — Image by kenne

I am

earth blessed


the energy run


my very soul.

— kenne (5-7-5)

Common Mullein Wildflower   Leave a comment

Common mullein (1 of 1) art blogCommon mullein, also known as wooly mullein, is an erect herb. (August 7, 2015)
— Image by kenne

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