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Kemah Boardwalk At Night   Leave a comment

Kemah Boardwalk At Night (March 14, 2003) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Everything comes back, 
in the end, 
having meaning and value 
only if I give it meaning and value.
Great art exist
only because I bring it to life, 
actualized according to my purpose.

— kenne

Photo-Artistry by kenne

Kemah Boardwalk — A Memory Flashback   Leave a comment

Kemah Boardwalk (03/14/03) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Kemah On Galveston Bay   2 comments

Kemah On Galveston Bay — Image by kenne

“The only safe principle upon which Americans can act
is that of “all men up, not that of some men down.” ….
I have an abiding faith in the generosity, the courage,
the resolution, and the common sense of all my countrymen.”

— Teddy Roosevelt 

Looking Back — Kemah, Texas   1 comment

Galveston Bay - Kemah-14 blogGalveston Bay 

Galveston Bay - Kemah -14 blogKemah Boardwalk

Galveston Bay - Kemah-14-2 blogJoy, Kemah, Texas (March 2003)– Images by kenne

I have a Nikon,
I love photography — 
Catching time and place.

I catch dreams
Using my eye,
Experience and heart.

The eye is the aperture
Through which 
Nature sees itself

Becoming the source
Of all light
Not in the present,

Which is consumed
In the past and future,
But a creative moment

To which the artist
Knows is lost 
When held on to.

— kenne

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