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For these things I am . . .   3 comments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAggression — Image by kenne
(This image and poem were first posted, December 2007 on my Yahoo 360 blog, which no longer exists.)

. . . guilty.

Embracing reason
Sharing time
Finding reality
Existing in space
For these things I am . . .

Loving the underdog
Catching the moment
Believing others’ lies
Crying alone
For these things I am . . .

Watching sunsets
Experiencing truth
Awakening before dawn
Catching the light
For these things I am . . .

Taking things apart
Looking for curves
Believing in art
Believing in you
For these things I am . . .

Caring about life
Climbing trees
Walking in pastures
Keeping stray dogs
For these things I am . . .

Believing in Hobbits
Flying the redeye
Losing my head
Expressing anger
For these things I am . . .

Sharing expectations
Learning from asking
Solving problems
Admiring thought
For these things I am . . .

Talking to plants
Understanding cats
Swimming nude
Experiencing love
For these things I am . . .

Improvising life
Rejecting suppression
Questioning rules
Asking, “Why?”
For these things I am . . .

Making mistakes
Forgiving myself
Taking offense
Forgiving others
For these things I am . . .

Listening in silence
Always learning
Making things happen
Giving respect
For these things I am . . .

Being timid
Becoming self-assured
Being assertive
Being misunderstood
For these things I am . . .

Feeling the Blues
Embracing imagination
Overcoming mediocrity
Expressing gratitude
For these things I am . . .

Assessing existence
Separating the noise
Being in love
Going crazy
For these things I am . . . guilty.

— kenne

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Connecting then to now, moment to moment . . .   3 comments

(Photo: My View of The Lake Robbins Bridge, The Woodlands, Texas)


This is my new blog.
I’m interested in sharing ideas,
progressive thought, photos, poems
and answers to how we can make
this planet a better place for all.

In June of 2008, I began blogging on WordPress. At that time, I was not new to blogging,
since I had done so on Yahoo 360. One of my first WordPress entries was to revisit
my first Yahoo 360 entry in 2005.

Connecting then to now, moment to moment . . .

I can still see him now,
walking the land
at the end of our day.
His long shadow
stretching across the land
saluting the setting sun.
Listening to the breeze
slowly moving the pines
in concert with the sunset.

Surveying his domain
in a moment of thanks.
Collecting the feelings
inspired by nature’s
changing of the guard.
Continuing life’s connection
to all things now
and all things to come.

Even as before, I watch
him through youthful eyes.
Now knowing his thoughts,
formed by years of experience
and a Devine connection
to the rhythm of the ages,
the language of the universe.

Not just another sunset,
but a passing of the baton.
Connecting the day with the night,
yesterday with tomorrow,
creating moments of recollection
of life’s passages from now to forever,
insuring our never-ending existence.

— kenne

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360 Revisited: Entry for December 18, 2005   3 comments


The Demons of Fear

Like many Americans, my formative years were at a time when communism was our only axis of evil. The reasons for qualifying as evil were many, e.g., starting wars against smaller countries, breaking international laws, torturing people, espionage organizations spying on their own people, controlling information and the building of a giant prison industry to name a few. Such reasons were easy to believe because of the simplistic notion that if communism (them) was evil, capitalism (we) was good. Therefore, we would never, never, never do such things. (Such acts are bad, and, of course, we are good!)

“Never say never!” Even more significant, “. . . don’t make the mistake of believing your own lies.” Of course, in politics, the custom is “Never tell a lie when you can bullshit your way through.”

Truth cannot be found in talking points based on good vs. evil. This is the so-called “cowboy” mentality that our president and many in Congress have bottled and continue to sell to the American public.

Justifying acts based on false dichotomies only falsifies reality. But, the convenient reversal of good and evil is an even bigger sin. One current example is our leadership supporting the nomination of a judge based on his being a strict constitutionist and at the same time authorizing secret acts allowing spying on Americans.

Such secret executive decisions are troubling and represent an attitude of political convenience that considers nothing of treading on the basic liberties protected by our Constitution. Even after Congress passed the USA Patriot Act, which allowed our demons of fear to trespass on our liberties, the President pretentiously felt additional infringements on the Constitution and our liberties were necessary.

Over three years ago Lt. Gen. Michael Hayden (head of the National Security Agency) stated to a joint House-Senate inquiry on intelligence (ref. NY Times):

“We need to get it right. We have to find the right balance between protecting our security and protecting our liberty.” “. . . What I really need you to do is talk to your constituents and find out where the American people want that line between security and liberty to be.”

Can we get it right? Can we bury our demons of fear? Can you! Can I?

For many, the politics of fear generates skepticism, which denies reliable access to an objective reality and “. . . therefore rejects the possibility of knowing how things truly are.” If reality has no inherent nature, then to “get it right,” each one of us must be true to our nature. Truth, like love, can exist only when the tombstones of our demons have been erected.


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