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Equality and Excellence   1 comment

Image by Brian Joseph

Beyond the challenge
We must teach our children
That each one is special
As we provide equity
For their excellence.

— Brian Joseph


Children, A Stream And Connecting With Nature   Leave a comment

Boy & Girl By Stream-1116_ art blogChildren, a Stream, and Connecting with Nature — Computer Art by kenne

A picture may seem not what it is.
Two teens may appear more interested in a
phone than a stream slowly passing at their feet.

Like most images, it’s up to the viewer
to place it in some element of their reality.
Put in the contact the image was taken,

the teens are sharing pictures taken in
my iPhone photography class where they

learn to connect the eye, to the mind, to the heart.

— kenne

Supporting Public Service Workers   1 comment

Tucsonians  in support of Wisconsin public service workers — Images by kenne

As a nation, we see a people wanting the best in public safety and education, but when budgets get tight, they are the first areas to be cut. We are losing ground to many western nations. This weekend, Joy and I were part of around 700 people shows their support for public service workers.


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