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Capturing The Moment — One Big Squirrel!   3 comments

AMC Hike (1 of 1)-16 b framed

Big Rodent (1 of 1) b framedRock Squirrel — Image by kenne

This particular rock squirrel seems to prefer the view from a dead tree in Catalina State Park. When first spotted, it was about fifty yards away and because of its size we thought it might be a cat. Moving in closer we could better tell it was not a cat, but a very large squirrel. The body was at least a foot in length with a tail equally as long, making it over two feet from head to tail — we was impressed!


Appalanhian Mountain Club Hikes To Romero Pools   Leave a comment

George Schott (co-leader) & Linda Moraski (leader)

George Schott (co-leader) & Linda Moraski (leader)

On April 6th, The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) began a week of hiking in the Tucson area. The first hike started in Catalina State Park, following the Romero Pool Trail in the Push Ridge area of the Catalina mountains. Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists, Tim Ralph and myself, along with Mike Harris, lead guide in the Southern Arizona Hiking Club, shared the roles of hosts and guides for the hiking group from the east.  The AMC Adventure Travel group of sixteen was under the leadership of Linda Moraski (leader) and George Schott (co-leader).

Additional postings of the AMC time in Tucson will take place over the next week. 



Images & Video by kenne

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SCVN Leads Hike On The Sutherland Trail   Leave a comment

Hiking Sutherland Trail In Catalina State Park — Images by kenne
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Capturing The Moment — Desert Wildflowers, Sutherland Trail   7 comments

Sonoran Desert Wildflowers Along The Sutherland Trail In Catalina State Park, Arizona — Images by kenne
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Spring colors deserts
Beautifying a harsh land
With nature’s softness.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Big Rock Saguaros   2 comments

SCVN Guides (1 of 1)-3 blog framedBig Rock Saguaros — Image by kenne

Big rock saguaros
Grow among the stacked boulders,
Pancakes to the sky.

— kenne

Morning In Catalina State Park   Leave a comment

Morning On The Trail (1 of 1)-2 blogMorning In Catalina State Park — Image by kenne


Hiking The Romero Pools Trail — There’s Water In Them There Pools!   Leave a comment

Romero Pools

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Images by kenne


Hiking To Hutch’s Pool — One Of My Favorite Hikes   7 comments

Hutch's Pools 02-01-13Two fellow hikers taking in the beauty of Hutch’s Pool. This image captures my own feelings. — Images by kenne

Last Friday’s SCVN hike was to Hutch’s Pool, which is one of my favorite hikes. On this particular Friday’s hike, the schedule offered options of either taking the West Fork trail to Hutch’s Pools, or the East Fork trail to Seven Falls via the Bear Canyon trail. Since I was not assigned as one of the guides to Hutch’s Pool, the East Fork option provided my first opportunity to take the loop to Seven Falls. 

Friday was a beautiful cool day for an outing, with 31 hikers taking the tram to Stop 9 in Sabino Canyon. The hike from Stop 9 to Hutch’s Pool and back is 8.2 miles. If one decides to not take the tram, then the walk to and from Stop 9 would add another 7.6 miles.

When we arrived at the junction of West & East Forks, although still interested in taking the East Fork to Seven Falls, I thought I would walk the short distance to check out the first of two streams crossing the trail to Hutch’s Pool. The height of the water caused many in the group to turn back. When I decided to cross the stream, that make it easier for our guides to not chance crossing, so I set out to the Hutch’s Pool guiding 13 of the original 31 hikers. Although some of us may have experienced wet feet, it was a fun and challenging hike.

The following photos chronic much of our adventure. Taking the loop from Sabino Canyon to Seven Falls through Bear Canyon back to the Visitor’s Center remains on my list of hikes., as well as staying on the West Fork trail past Hutch’s Pool through Romero Pass to Catalina State Park.


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Fences, Trails and Cattle Guards   2 comments

Images by kenne

Last Sunday (November 4, 2012), Tom and I hiked the Baby Jesus Trail near Catalina State Park. This was a very enjoyable hike looking for the Baby Jesus rock without any luck. But, was able to get a lot of photos, which are shared on this posting.


(Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger view of the images.)

Capturing The Moment — Cristate (or Crested) Saguaro   3 comments

While hiking on the Sutherland Trail in Catalina State Park, we spotted this most unusual cristate (or crested) saguaro not far from the trail. Most cristate saguaros have a mutation that forms at the top of the cactus, giving it a crown appearance. At one time this may have been the case with this saguaro, however, as it continued to grow and age, its new arms grew taller than the crown. Of course, this is a guess using my limited knowledge of saguaros, especially the mutated ones. Even though I refer to the unusual growth as a mutation, biologists disagree on the cause.

The nest in the cactus is probably that of a Curve-billed Thrasher, since they like to build their nest in a dense thorny shrub, or in a clump of cactus. Click here to see many more images of the rare form of cactus.


Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Wildflowers In Catalina State Park   5 comments

Wildflowers Along Sutherland Trail

Mexican Poppies

Desert Lupines and Mexican Poppies

Desert Lupines

Saguaro Ribs

Desert Lupines and California Poppies

Bee in ChIcory — images by kenne

Click here to see more photos on Flickr

Capturing The Moment — Lavender, Blue And Yellow   5 comments

New Mexico Thistle — Image by kenne

Lavender, Blue, and Yellow

Standing tall above

the golden poppies

and blue lupines

grows a warlike flower,

several inflorescences

branching  from the summit,

near the dusty paths

of the Sutherland Trail.


Bees move independently

through the fields

of  blue and yellow,

only the diligent

tunneling into

the cushion of lavender

before the arrival

of the painted ladies.

— kenne

Mexican Poppies and Desert Lupines in Catalina State Park — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Sutherland Trail In The Spring Time   Leave a comment

Mexican Poppies and Desert Lupine along the Sutherland Trail in Catalina State Park — Image by kenne

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