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Desert Balloons   5 comments

Wildflowers (1 of 1)-8 blog framedBrittlebush Blossoms Along a Trail– Image by kenne


I was walking this trail
holding strings to many
helium filled balloons.

a trail runner asks;
how come you are walking
with all those balloons?

I’m a wildflower, I said;
can’t you tell,
I’m connected to them.

he looked at me
not sure what I was —
I just looked back.

— kenne

Sonoran Desert Wildflowers — Spring Fever   3 comments

Wildflowers (1 of 1) blog

Sutherland Trail (1 of 1)-4 blog

Wildflowers (1 of 1)-3 blog

Wildflowers (1 of 1)-4 blogSonoran Desert Wildflowers (April 2015) — Images by kenne

Spring Fever

Flourishing in


the desert





being alive


now that

winter is





abound —

spring fever.

— kenne

Wildflower Addiction   Leave a comment

Wildflowers (1 of 1)-6 art framed blogWildflower Addiction — Image by kenne

I can feel the flowers
reaching out
touching me halfway
down the trail.

Nature’s sex show
open to the sky
in every way.

Lusting over the appeal
addicted to nature
seeking satisfaction
with more frequent visits.

— kenne

Horned Lizard Near Desert Lupine   2 comments

Horned Lizard & Lupine (1 of 1) blog

Horned Lizard (1 of 1) blog

Horned Lizard Near Desert Lupine — Image by kenne

Hiding in the shade

Protected from danger’s threat

Safe evocation.

— kenne

Never In My Eyes   1 comment

thistle & bees (1 of 1) blog

thistle & bees (1 of 1)-2 blog

Thistle and Bees — Images by kenne

Your beauty will fade

A time nature determines

Never in my eyes.

— kenne

Tell me what you think art is . . .   3 comments

Wildflowers (1 of 1)-2 blogDesert Wildflowers — Image by kenne

Tell me what you think art is — if you can

— ask a lot of people — and see if anybody knows . . .

You ask me about music — I like it better than anything

in the world — Color gives me the same thrill once in

a long long time — I can almost remember and count the times

— it is usually just the outdoors or the flowers — or a person —

sometimes a story — or something that will call a picture

to my mind — will affect me like music — 

— Georgia O’Keeffe

Catalina State Park Hikers Ignore The Heat!!!   1 comment

Baby Jesus TrailCatalina State Park Panorama — Image by kenne
(A record 108 degrees yesterday. Today, [106 degrees] the second hiker in three days was rescued  from hiking trails leading from the park. These hikers are in their early twenties and obviously exhibit a high degree of risk taking. ) 

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