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Hiking To Hutch’s Pool — One Of My Favorite Hikes   7 comments

Hutch's Pools 02-01-13Two fellow hikers taking in the beauty of Hutch’s Pool. This image captures my own feelings. — Images by kenne

Last Friday’s SCVN hike was to Hutch’s Pool, which is one of my favorite hikes. On this particular Friday’s hike, the schedule offered options of either taking the West Fork trail to Hutch’s Pools, or the East Fork trail to Seven Falls via the Bear Canyon trail. Since I was not assigned as one of the guides to Hutch’s Pool, the East Fork option provided my first opportunity to take the loop to Seven Falls. 

Friday was a beautiful cool day for an outing, with 31 hikers taking the tram to Stop 9 in Sabino Canyon. The hike from Stop 9 to Hutch’s Pool and back is 8.2 miles. If one decides to not take the tram, then the walk to and from Stop 9 would add another 7.6 miles.

When we arrived at the junction of West & East Forks, although still interested in taking the East Fork to Seven Falls, I thought I would walk the short distance to check out the first of two streams crossing the trail to Hutch’s Pool. The height of the water caused many in the group to turn back. When I decided to cross the stream, that make it easier for our guides to not chance crossing, so I set out to the Hutch’s Pool guiding 13 of the original 31 hikers. Although some of us may have experienced wet feet, it was a fun and challenging hike.

The following photos chronic much of our adventure. Taking the loop from Sabino Canyon to Seven Falls through Bear Canyon back to the Visitor’s Center remains on my list of hikes., as well as staying on the West Fork trail past Hutch’s Pool through Romero Pass to Catalina State Park.


Click on any of the thumb nails to see a larger image in a slideshow format.

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