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Butterfly Rhymes With Dragonfly   Leave a comment

Queen Butterfly-1356 Art blog IIQueen Butterfly — Computer Art by kenne


rhymes with dragonfly

and water with 



circle up and down

between my eyes.

Why was it

the butterfly

and not 

the dragonfly?

Each carries the 

inside of my soul.

— kenne

The Queen of Butterflies   Leave a comment

Queen Butterfly-1064 blog

Queen Butterfly-1065 blogQueen Butterfly — Images by kenne

“To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.”

— Henri Cartier-Bresson

Queen Butterfly   1 comment

D500 PhotosQueen Butterfly (December 8, 2016) — Image by kenne

The butterfly obtains
But little sympathy
Though favorably mentioned
In Entomology –

Because he travels freely
And wears a proper coat
The circumspect are certain
That he is dissolute –

Had he the homely scutcheon
Of modest Industry
‘Twere fitter certifying
For Immortality –

— Emily Dickinson


Queen Butterfly   7 comments

Sabino Canyon 06-09-12A June Queen Butterfly — Image by kenne

Sabino Canyon 06-09-12Queen Butterfly — Image by kenne



Her Majesty   1 comment

Queen Butterfly (1 of 1)-2 blogQueen Butterfly — Images by kenne

I experience

your majesty

when I see you,

when I hold you,

when I smell you,

and in the moment

you are now

and forever

 my queen.

— kenne

Queen Butterfly (1 of 1) blog

Few Monarchs, But Plenty Of Queens   3 comments

Queen Butterfly (1 of 1) blogQueen Butterfly — Image by kenne

With butterfly migration going on, we don’t see a lot of the beautiful Monarchs, but we do see a lot of Queens, which are often confused with the Monarch. Basically, the Queen shares a Müllerian mimicry with the Monarch.


Queen Butterflies In Pima Canyon   5 comments

Queen butterflies In Pima Canyon — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the images for larger view in a slideshow format.)


From cocoon forth a butterfly
As lady from her door
Emerged — a summer afternoon —
Repairing everywhere,

Without design, that I could trace,
Except to stray abroad
On miscellaneous enterprise
The clovers understood.

Her pretty parasol was seen
Contracting in a field
Where men made hay, then struggling hard
With an opposing cloud,

Where parties, phantom as herself,
To Nowhere seemed to go
In purposeless circumference,
As ‘t were a tropic show.

And notwithstanding bee that worked,
And flower that zealous blew,
This audience of idleness
Disdained them, from the sky,

Till sundown crept, a steady tide,
And men that made the hay,
And afternoon, and butterfly,
Extinguished in its sea.

— Emily Dickinson

Shadows On Her Wings   2 comments

Queen Butterfly (1 of 1)-5 Art-2 blog“Shadows On Her Wings,” Queen Butterfly — Image by kenne

Shadows on her wings

Dancing in the morning sun

My queen for a day.

— kenne


Say Good Morning To The Queen   2 comments

Butterflies & Half-Moon-8825 blog

Butterflies & Half-Moon-8817 blogQueen Butterfly (Danaus gilippus) — Images by kenne

Queen Butterfly

In his frenzy to use
what I am to refuse
from a belly-puff he strews
fine power on my joins
which, filtering inside, coins
a splendor more eye-bugged than the three
deaths I have died had ever given me:
sweller than digestion, flitter than wings
or witting as selves all glitterings
in the coloured perfumes of panoply –
while the liquid rings
he is threading bend
his body at my breeding end.

Les Murray

There’s A Queen In Sabino Canyon, Lot’s Of Them   2 comments

There are a lot of them this time of year in the canyon — the smaller, darker relative of the Monarch Butterfly.
Images by kenne
Click on smaller image to see  a larger view of the gallery.

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