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Cutleaf Evening Primrose from the Spring of 2012 — Image by kenne

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A Cutleaf Evening Primrose In The Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

“A tuft of evening primroses,
O’er which the mind may hover till it dozes;
  O’er which it well might take a pleasant sleep,
  But that ’tis ever startled by the leap
Of buds into ripe flowers”.

— John Keats

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Cutleaf Evening Primrose — Image by kenne

Before going on our August road trip I created a number of draft posting that I never posted.
This one is from August 2, 2021 — doing some housekeeping.

— kenne

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Kickback Rock 07-30-12Cutleaf Evening Primerose (Sabino Canyon) — Image by kenne

I leave my shelter

Communicate with nature

In the bright sunlight.

— kenne

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Cutleaf Evening Primrose-Edit-3-art-Edit-1-72Cutleaf Evening Primrose — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“There are philosophies as varied as the flowers of the field,
and some of them weeds and a few of them poisonous weeds.”

— G. K. Chesterton

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Bear Wallow LeavesCutleaf evening primrose Image by kenne

An evening primrose
Just drifting in the moment
Even though I hide.


Capturing The Moment — Evening Primrose On The Mountain   2 comments

Cutleaf Evening Primrose (1 of 1) art blogCutleaf Evening Primrose On The Mountain (Mt. Lemmon, August 1, 2014) — Image by kenne

Walking mountain trails

Nature opening to all,

A time to belong.

— kenne

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Kickback Rock 07-30-12Cutleaf Evening Primrose — Image by kenne


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Aspen Loop, hiking, Mt. LemmonCutleaf Evening Primrose — Image by kenne

Evening Primrose

When once the sun sinks in the west,
And dewdrops pearl the evening’s breast;
Almost as pale as moonbeams are,
Or its companionable star,
The evening primrose opes anew
Its delicate blossoms to the dew;
And, hermit-like, shunning the light,
Wastes its fair bloom upon the night,
Who, blindfold to its fond caresses,
Knows not the beauty it possesses;
Thus it blooms on while night is by;
When day looks out with open eye,
Bashed at the gaze it cannot shun,
It faints and withers and is gone. 

 — John Clare

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Kickback Rock 07-30-12Cutleaf Evening Primrose — Image by kenne

by Wendy Barker

Light splotches on the bed,
mesmerizing the morning.
Why rise from this dazzle?

But outside the kitchen door,
the first time in years, flickering
in the pittosporum’s froth, a dozen

dozen Monarch butterflies ignite
the green, their white freckled patches
shifting, rapid as a blink, and gone.

Not so the evening primroses
that open as the light is leaving
and remains even as the moon lifts

from the trees, even as you sit
steady above your book, until
you rise, and bring me your hands.

(Windy Barker is a poet and critic, and teaches literature at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Windy has been involved in several “Writer’s In Performance” events over the years.)

A Lonely Primrose On The Mountain   3 comments

A Lonely Cutleaf Evening Primrose Spotted While Hiking The Bear Wallow Area On Mount Lemmon — Image by kenne

Nature’s colors change

Falling leaves on the mountain

Around one primrose.


Capturing The Moment — Night Primrose, Sphinx Moth & Love’s Sprite   3 comments

Cutleaf Evening Primrose — Image by kenne

Primrose: Love’s Sprite

by Stephen Parker

Love blossomed in the darkest night
Morn’s gilding beams to spite
Night Primrose preened by tender blight
As Sphinx Moth, soft tips caress; sugary nectar slight
Perfumed aroma doth prating, intoxicated courtier incite
Glazed petals with dewy fans stream delight
Golden cup a succouring armchair from which passions alight 
Delicate, cream veil eclipses pallid, stolid moonlight
With availing breeze your dreamy parasol on Cupid’s wing takes flight

White-lined Sphinx Moth Getting Nectar from Dakota Mock Vervain — Image by kenne

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