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Bird WalkCactus Wren Grunge Art by kenne

Once in every lifetime
a little bird may come
alone and forgotten
knocked down by the sun.
Every man may choose
to turn and walk away
or take the bird into his hand
and bid him stay.

— from “I’m Strong But I Like Roses” by Ron McKuen

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Cactus Wren Grunge Art-0297 blogCactus Wren Grunge Art by kenne
Art tries to create
many possible futures
in each moment 
of existence
choosing reality
from our experience

-- kenne

A Home In The Canyon   Leave a comment

Ned's Nature Walk -- 01-1-09-13Cactus Wren Nest in a Cholla (Sabino Canyon) — Image by kenne

The whole theory of the universe
is directed unerringly to one individual
– namely You.

— Walt Whitman

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cactus-wren-0298-art-blogCactus Wren (Sabino Canyon, December 26, 2016) — Image by kenne

“Everyone likes birds.
What wild creature is more accessible
to our eyes and ears,
as close to us and everyone in the world,
as universal as a bird?”

— David Attenborough

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D500 PhotosCactus Wren Nest — Image by kenne

He builds nests for her

Several so she can pick

The one that she likes.

— kenne

Cactus Wren Building A Nest   Leave a comment

Cacuts Wren (1 of 1) blogCactus Wren Building a Nest in a Cholla Cactus (October 23, 20016) — Image by kenne

Springtime in Sabino Canyon
brings out the new while
recycling the old.

The white winged doves 
have returned awaiting
saguaro buds to bloom.

The sound of mating calls
go out, returned creating
echoes in the canyon.

The pace of life in high gear
as nature puts on a show
in the desert’s spring festival.

— kenne


Hitching A Ride   3 comments

Cactus Wren (1 of 1)-2 art blog“Hitching a Ride”
Cactus Wren On Car In Sabino Canyon Parking Lot (January 9, 2016) — Image by kenne

She says, ‘I am content when wakened birds,
Before they fly, test the reality
Of misty fields, by their sweet questionings;
But when the birds are gone, and their warm fields
Return no more, where, then, is paradise?’
There is not any haunt of prophecy,
Nor any old chimera of the grave,
Neither the golden underground, nor isle
Melodious, where spirits gat them home,
Nor visionary south, nor cloudy palm
Remote on heaven’s hill, that has endured
As April’s green endures; or will endure
Like her remembrance of awakened birds,
Or her desire for June and evening, tipped
By the consummation of the swallow’s wings.

— from “Sunday Morning” by Wallace Stevens

Cholla Spines   6 comments

cholla (1 of 1) computer art blogCholla Spines — Image by kenne

Cholla spines galore

A great place for cactus wren

To construct a nest.

— kenne

Ned's Nature Walk -- 01-1-09-13Cactus Wren Nest in a Cholla — Image by kenne

Cactus Wren — Computer Art II   Leave a comment

Cactus Wren (1 of 1)-5 grunge art blogCactus Wren — Grunge Art by kenne

Today’s cactus wren

Tomorrow’s painting subject —

Latest perspective.

— kenne


Cactus Wren — Computer Art   2 comments

Cactus Wren (1 of 1)-4 grunge art blogCactus Wren — Computer Art by kenne

Birds On My Morning Walk In The Canyon   4 comments

Cactus Wren (1 of 1)-2 blog

Cactus Wren

Black Throated Sparrow (1 of 1) blog

Black Throated Sparrow

Female Pyrrhuloxias (1 of 1)-2 blog

Female Pyrrhuloxias

Roadrunner (1 of 1) blog

Greater Roadrunner

A few birds spotted on yesterday’s morning walk in Sabino Canyon. —  Images by kenne

Cactus Wren On A Saguaro Blossom In November   5 comments

Cactus Wren (1 of 1) blogCactus Wren On A Saguaro Blossom In November — Image by kenne

Today’s Friday hike was in Pima Canyon. The canyon is a narrow canyon in the western Catalina Mountains. With sunrise coming later in early November and much cooler desert temperatures (39 degrees), the beginning part of the trail was in the warmth of the sun till the canyon walls cast a big shadow on the canyon. As we hiked into the canyon I notict a cactus wren on a saguaro blossom. This is not the time of the year for saguaros to be blooming, but don’t tell this one that. The combination of the cactus wren and the saguaro blossom really got my attention, so even though the sun light angle was not ideal, and the cactus was a good distance away, I had to get a picture or two. 


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