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Crested Saguaro Upon The Saguaros — Image by kenne

Cristate or “crested” saguaros form when the cells in the growing stem begin to divide outward,
rather than in the circular pattern of a normal cactus. This is an unusual mutation that results
in the growth of a large fan-shaped crest at the growing tip of a saguaro’s main stem or arms.

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Cactus Wren on a Crested Saguaro blog

Desert Museum-9822 blogCactus Wren On A Crested Saguaro Cactus — Images by kenne


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Garwood Loop (1 of 1)-19 art blogCrested Saguaro — Art by kenne


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First posted November, 2011

Dove Mountain and Rainy Day

Image by kenne

cold is the sky

among close friends

inspire with awe

yet cast in doubt

at the new do

looks like a crown

tower of strength

high in the sky

a crest of thorns

part of a hat

— kenne

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Chested Saguaro (1 of 1) blogImage by kenne (December 19, 2014)

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Saguaro (1 of 1) B-W_edit B-W blogCrested Saguaro Under Dark Sky (Sabino Canyon) — Image by kenne

The desert was made for the light

so we can see all its colors.

A black and white photo

excludes all the colors,

while containing all the colors

making memories more than

fifty shades of gray.

— kenne

Bill Waterson

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Cactus Wren On Crested Saguaro-9818 blogCactus Wren Atop A Crested Saguaro Cactus — Image by kenne

Photography is a system of visual editing.
At bottom, it is a matter of surrounding
with a frame a portion of one’s cone of vision,
while standing in the right place at the right time.
Like chess, or writing, it is a matter of choosing from
among given possibilities, but in the case of photography
the number possibilities is not finite, but infinite.

— John Szarkowki

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Beyond Tucson Event-9492 blogA Crested Saguaro Next To a Regular Saguaro In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Sometimes the growing tip of a saguaro produces a fan-like form. Such a saguaro is called a crested saguaro. Crested saguaros are rare and generally do not produce arms, making this one for the record books — at least in my book.


Early Morning Hike In Saguaro National Park   10 comments

With the sun rising over the Rincon Mountains, east of Tucson in the Saguaro National Park,
The Monday Morning Milers begin hiking the Wildhorse Trail in a chilly 32 degree fall morning.

The Wildhorse Trail is very dusty from no rain in several months.

The desert grasses glow from the morning sun.

The trail leads toward one of the canyons along the Wildhorse Trail.

The park, named after the beautiful giant saguaro cactus, is occasionally graced by the rear crested saguaro cactus.

The saguaro cactus are rarely found in groups, such as this group of twelve 20 to 70-year-old saguaros.

Images by kenne

Long after death, the ribs of saguaro remain standing, a shadow of its live self.


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Crested Saguaro Cactus — Image by kenne

The cristate (or crested) saguaro is rare in the plant world.  Science has not yet fully explained why this mutation occurs — many explanations have been offered. This one is located near the Sabino Canyon dam.



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