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Cactus Wren Photo-Artistry   Leave a comment

Cactus Wren-Edit-1-art-blogCactus Wren Photo-Artistry by kenne

The artist is the most interesting of all phenomena,
for he represents creativity, the definition of man.

— Allan Bloom

Cattle Stockade in the San Simon Valley   3 comments

Peloncillo MountainsCattle Stockade in the San Simon Valley, Southeastern, Arizona — Computer art by kenne

When you look at a picture,
what do you see? I mean,
what do you really see?

Is it what you have been told to see?
Or, is what you see the culmination
of your experiences?

By being a slave to convention
you cannot build on experience,
allowing creativity to find new meaning.

You can conform, minimizing creativity,
or you can engage in creative interaction
with the world around you.

Conformity is only the form
to which you must
project creativity.

Form is the frame
that holds a picture; it does
not determine what you see.

All form is empty
without creativity, which
gives life new meaning.

— kenne

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Postmark — Virginia City, Nevada   Leave a comment

Joy & Burro (1 of 1) grunge art blogJoy and Friends — Grunge Art by kenne


For the moment
a tolerable relationship
is established
by being there — Dasein.

It is the moment
the camera captures
and actualized in art
through thought and expression.

The form of the image
is empty without
the spirit that lives in it —
art projects the spirit.

Seeking suitable form never ends
with and achievement —
each moment formulates new meaning,
a process not lost in each formation.

What appears in the moment
only asks the questions,
the process provides the answers
by the free spirit seeking form.

The real image
is receptive to reality,
the actualized image
seeks a more suitable form.

— kenne


The very essence of the creative is its novelty,
and hence we have no standard by which to judge it.

— Carl Rogers

Inside The Outside   1 comment

ralph-prata-11605-2011-01-29-inside-the-outside-blog“Inside the Outside” by Ralph Prata

Inside the Outside

I began on the inside,
Knowing not of an outside,
Only knowing of my being.

My world limited,
A temporary prisoner,
Protected by the inside.

Demanding more room,
Life on inside
Began to grow short.

Having no choice,
Pushed from the womb
Into the world of the outside.

On the inside,
I had been content
In my limited space.

Now on the outside,
Crying in the face
of a new destiny.

My first act of rebellion,
Expressing nostalgia
For an innocence lost.

Appealing to my essence of being,
I soon learned the outside
Could be my new inside.

Always giving away,
some of the inside,
so not to lose it all.

Becoming inside the outside,
Allows each act of being
To create a way of living.

— kenne

“We age not by holding on to youth,

but by letting ourselves grow

and embracing whatever youthful parts that remain.”

 — Keith Richards


Image du jour– Billboard Reconstruction   Leave a comment

Billboard Reconstruction by thom-thom — Source: chicquero


Interesting creative work by French urban artist thom-thom who works only on billboards, where he cuts, slices, and re-sticks to reconstruct the advertising message. ChiCquero likes to show off a little bite of their version of what “interesting” really is — so do I.

Check out this Flickr site for other interesting street art.


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