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Hiking Turkey Run On Mt. Lemmon   3 comments

Turkey Run Gallery by kenne

I was originally scheduled to lead the SCVN Turkey Run Trail hike tomorrow. However, because of some nagging leg problems,
I had to bow out. Instead, I did hike Turkey Run with two friends (Tom and John) last Friday. Usually, by this time of year,
there are plenty of wildflowers, but not this year. The gallery contains cow parsnip, New Mexico Locust, and silverpuff.

— kenne

Silverpuff Art   Leave a comment

Silverpuff Wildflower — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“I exist as I am, that is enough.”

— Walt Whitman

Bee On Silverpuff Blossom   Leave a comment

Bee on Silverpuff-1660 blogBee On Silverpuff Blossom — Image by kenne

My relationship to plants becomes closer and closer.
They make me quiet; I like to be in their company.

— Peter Zumthor

Memorial Day Nature-Hike on Mt. Lemmon — Photo Essay   1 comment

Memorial Day Nature-Hike on Mt. Lemmon — Images by kenne
(Click on any image to see a larger view in a slideshow format.)

First time on Mt. Lemmon since last November. At 9,200 feet only a few wildflowers are in the beginning stages of blooming. On this Memorial Day in Tucson, it’s 100 degrees, but it was a pleasant 65 degrees on Mt. Lemmon.

The SCVN Friday Hikes begin this Friday on Mt. Lemmon.

Naturalist David Dean conducts Wildflower Hike. Click here for dates and reservation information.

— kenne


Capturing The Moment — Silverpuff Wildflower   1 comment

Silver Puff (1 of 1) framed - blogSilverpuff Blossom (March 6, 2015) — Image by kenne

Douglas Springs HikeSilverpuff Seeds (March 16, 2012) — Image by kenne

A Secondhand Blossom 

When picturing a wildflower
I see the blossom
not the seeds.

Picture a dandelion,
a pretty yellow wildflower
not named after its
annoying seeds.

Picture a silverpuff,
a pretty yellow wildflower
with toothed rays
radiating star-like points

only to be named after its
beautiful silver globe seeds —
a secondhand blossom.

— kenne

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