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Free As Birds   1 comment

Lesser Goldfinch-72Lesser Goldfinch In The Canyon — Image by kenne

We are free as birds, lockdown in our cages.

— kenne

Lesser Goldfinch — Somewhere in the Bush   Leave a comment

Lesser Goldfinch-art-72Lesser Goldfinch — Photo-Artistry by kenne

A bird in the bush
Worth more than two in the bush —
Camera in hand.

— kenne


Lesser Goldfinch Day Two   Leave a comment

Lesser Goldfinch-2-blogLesser Goldfinch Day Two — Image by kenne


Lesser Goldfinches In The Bushes   2 comments

Common Yellowthroat Warbler-Edit-1-blog-1Lesser Goldfinches In The Bushes — Image by kenne

Lesser Goldfinches
Near the Tanque Verde wash
Foraging in bush.

— kenne

Lesser Goldfinch   Leave a comment

Lesser Goldfinch-0676 art blogLesser Goldfinch — Computer Art by kenne

Lesser goldfinch
in the canyon
little gold flecks 
lighting up
the mesquite tree.

My words are wings
again I encounter thee
with your breast of gold
in my dreams
lighting up
my lemon tree.

— kenne


Lesser Goldfinch — Oh Little Bird   2 comments

lesser-goldfinch-0676-blogLesser Goldfinch in a Mesquite Tree — Image by kenne

Oh Little Bird

Oh little bird with head atilt,
In safety drinking as thou wilt
From out the wayside found;
Unmindful of the noisy crowd profane,
What fears thy wings surmount!

 Oh blithesome, eager little bird,
With reverent head turned heavenward,
I feel thy silent thanks!
The charm within the voice of men,
The potency of gift of pen,
Thy gratitude outranks.

So would I find some wayside pool,
Some sheltered spot with water cool
From which no more to shrink.
Oh little bird with head atilt,
Would I had wings to soar ‘bove guilt
And share thy tranquil drink!

  — Edwin Leibfreed



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