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“Now You See It” — Fun Facts   Leave a comment

Kenne with 1st graders (1 of 1) blog

The morning sun
Warms the benches.

Picture this,
If you can.

Now you see it,
Now you don’t.

Blinding in
Is the game.

Listen while I tell
you a fun fact.

This box
Is a hard seat.

I love setting
down on the job.

— kenne

Kenne with 1st graders (1 of 1)-2 blog“Now You See It” is the Title of One of the SCVN Elementary Programs
— Images by Phil Bentley

Friends Of The Blues, 13 Years Out   2 comments


One of The Original Friends of The Blues Montgomery County, Charlie Parker, November, 2002 — Image by kenne

FOB 1st Blues Event II blog

The Original Friends Of The Blues Montgomery County, November, 1999
(L-R: Kenne Turner, Charlie Parker, Dale Armet, Sweet Mama Cotton, Diunna Greenleaf, A.J. Murphy)

Tucson Festival of Books: Where Words & Imagination Come To Life   1 comment

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While David, Janie and the girls were here we attended the Tucson Festival of Books on the campus of the University of Arizona. This two-day event attracted over 100,000 people and over 450 authors and 240 exhibitors. The event includes a lot of hands-on activities , presentations and reading for all age groups illustrating how “words and imagination come to life.”  A very impressive event, indeed.


Images by kenne

Amazing Grace — Sonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso Revised   1 comment

Sonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso – image by kenne

On the 11th of this past November, I posted an entry with a video of Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso playing “Amazing Grace.” Because of lighting, the video was on the dark side. So, with Sonny Boy Terry’s encouragement, I have redone the video using a combination of photos and video.


. . . guilty   Leave a comment

Aggression — Image by kenne (This image and poem were first posted, December 2007 on my Yahoo 360 blog.)

. . . guilty.

Embracing reason
Sharing time
Finding reality
Existing in space
For these things I am . . .

Loving the underdog
Catching the moment
Believing others’ lies
Crying alone
For these things I am . . .

Watching sunsets
Experiencing truth
Awakening before dawn
Catching the light
For these things I am . . .

Taking things apart
Looking for curves
Believing in art
Believing in you
For these things I am . . .

Caring about life
Climbing trees
Walking in pastures
Keeping stray dogs
For these things I am . . .

Believing in Hobbits
Flying the redeye
Losing my head
Expressing anger
For these things I am . . .

Sharing expectations
Learning from asking
Solving problems
Admiring thought
For these things I am . . .

Talking to plants
Understanding cats
Swimming nude
Experiencing love
For these things I am . . .

Improvising life
Rejecting suppression
Questioning rules
Asking, “Why?”
For these things I am . . .

Making mistakes
Forgiving myself
Taking offense
Forgiving others
For these things I am . . .

Listening in silence
Always learning
Making things happen
Giving respect
For these things I am . . .

Being timid
Becoming self-assured
Being assertive
Being misunderstood
For these things I am . . .

Feeling the Blues
Embracing imagination
Overcoming mediocrity
Expressing gratitude
For these things I am . . .

Assessing existence
Separating the noise
Being in love
Going crazy
For these things, I am . . . guilty.

— kenne

Capturing the Moment — California Foothills   Leave a comment

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Connected Disconnection   1 comment

Connected Disconnection

Trapped in a tailspin
With a lose for words
Arms reaching out
In a world of disconnect
Trying to reconnect.

Falling up
In a down world

Trapped between
The what I do
And how you react
In a world of disconnect
Trying to reconnect.

Falling up
In a down world

Disconnected connection
Over what I think
And how you feel
Is this our existence?
Trying to reconnect.

Falling up
In a down world

Still without words
The act of connecting
Becomes a disconnect
Is it all an illusion?
Trying to reconnect.

Falling up
In a down world

Falling in
Falling out
Always looking
For the answers
Trying to reconnect.

Falling up
In a down world

Finding the words
Hanging up
On the answers
Connected disconnection,
Connected disconnection.

Falling up
In a down world

Connected disconnection,

— kenne

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Art has a double face, of expression and illusion   Leave a comment

“All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.” ~ Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

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Career Development for Children Project – A Flashback   1 comment

CDCP Collage blogLarry Bailey, Bill Van Rooy, Marybee Anthose, Kenne Turner – 1971

This project, in the early seventies, was all about developing a career development model for use in elementary education. We developed an instructional component and curriculum materials designed enable students, as they proceed through school, to learn about “self” and the world of work at higher levels of specificity. As is often the case in good educational research and development, it was ahead of its time.


Virginia’s 85th Birthday Celebration Video   Leave a comment

Here’s the video I promised. I will be making a few DVD’s and hope to mail soon to interested family members.


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