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“Come Blow Your Horn”   2 comments

Yard flowers (1 of 1) black art blog“Come Blow Your Horn” — Image by kenne

Music is your own experience,
your own thoughts,
your wisdom.
f you don’t live it,
it won’t come out of your horn.
They teach you
there’s a boundary line
to music. But, man,
there’s no boundary line to art.

  — Charlie Parker

Friends Of The Blues, 13 Years Out   2 comments


One of The Original Friends of The Blues Montgomery County, Charlie Parker, November, 2002 — Image by kenne

FOB 1st Blues Event II blog

The Original Friends Of The Blues Montgomery County, November, 1999
(L-R: Kenne Turner, Charlie Parker, Dale Armet, Sweet Mama Cotton, Diunna Greenleaf, A.J. Murphy)

Capturing the Moment — Mean Gene Kelton & T-99 Nelson   1 comment

T-99 Nelson & Mean Gene Kelton — Image by kenne

In November of 2001, T-99 Nelson was the guest presenter in the Montgomery College Blues Series. As he did in the early days of the Series, Mean Gene Kelton played with Charlie Parker and Pee Wee Stevens in support of the guest presenter.


Charlie Parker — Friends of the Blues Tribute   3 comments

Image by kenne

Blues Up Stairs

Are we not all
standing in line
at heaven’s door?
who’s number
will be next.

Many are called
when they are ready,
most are not.
But, all are called before
others are ready
to pass through the door
to the big house of blues
that’s always rocking.

The house of the blues
where the music
goes on and on
at the house
with no last time around.
Charlie Parker,
your music
and images will remain.

Even as we
all wait to hear
our number called
to enter the ever-rocking
house of the blues,
the music goes on.
Until them,
we will miss you.


T99 Nelson, Charlie Parker & AJ Murphy – Image by kenne

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