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Archive Photos Of A Society Of The 5th Cave Meeting   1 comment

A Society of the 5th Cave Book Club Meeting In The North Montgomery County Woods (April 10, 2005)– Images by kenne
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Books are the carriers of civilization.
Without books, history is silent,
literature dumb, science crippled,
thought and speculation at a standstill.

— Barbara Tuchman 

Friends Of The Blues, 13 Years Out   2 comments


One of The Original Friends of The Blues Montgomery County, Charlie Parker, November, 2002 — Image by kenne

FOB 1st Blues Event II blog

The Original Friends Of The Blues Montgomery County, November, 1999
(L-R: Kenne Turner, Charlie Parker, Dale Armet, Sweet Mama Cotton, Diunna Greenleaf, A.J. Murphy)

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