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You Can Call Me Old Man, but . . .   1 comment


When I’m old and weak

Don’t call me sweetie,

No ‘elderspeak’ for me.

You may think you’re being kind

But it’s not a good moment

When dignity is left behind.

— kenne

Friends Of The Blues, 13 Years Out   2 comments


One of The Original Friends of The Blues Montgomery County, Charlie Parker, November, 2002 — Image by kenne

FOB 1st Blues Event II blog

The Original Friends Of The Blues Montgomery County, November, 1999
(L-R: Kenne Turner, Charlie Parker, Dale Armet, Sweet Mama Cotton, Diunna Greenleaf, A.J. Murphy)

Double Bayou Dance Hall In Chambers County   5 comments

Sweet Mama Cotton with Pete Mayes & The Texas Houserockers at The Double Bayou Dance Hall — Image by kenne

This revisit came about by an email I receive yesterday from Sheryl Shaw, who is with the Chambers County historical commission. They are gathering photos and memorabilia from Double Bayou Dance Hall and Pete Mayes and the Texas Houserockers for exhibiting at the museum. She requested use of the video of photos I a short time after Pete’s passing away, which would be an honor for it to be a part of the exhibited.

For the uninitiated, The Double Bayou Dance Hall, in the small black community of Double Bayou in Chambers County sixty miles east of Houston. I dedicated to the memory of Pete Mayes and Billie Dietz. It was through Art and Billie Dietz that we learned about the Double Bayou Dance Hall. Steve Bucher also educated me on Dance Hall. The old Double Bayou Dance Hall still exist, but barely since hurricane Ike played hell with the 1941 structure. As secretary for the historical commission, Sheryl is helping to renew interest in restoring the dance hall. If you would like to learn more about their efforts, you can contact Sheryl at


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