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Memories of East Texas   2 comments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKen & Mary’s Blues Project (On a humid east Texas night the rain forced everyone to move inside) —
Images and Video by kenne (Flickr Images)

WIP & Porter Davis

Memories of East Texas keep drafting

over Arizona mountains

headed to El Paso, San Antonio, Houston

where BBQ smoke floats

through the piney woods

and blues music heals the soul

to make up the conscious past

with the Last Waltz of

Ken and Mary’s Blue Project.

Over time we have learned

all good things must

come to an end;

things we enjoy,

things we find comforting,

things we love

all eventually come to an end —

“To everything, there is a season, and 

a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Now it’s time to head on down the highway

to once again experience the blues at the crossroads —

“Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

— kenne


Darkness settled over Ken & Mary’s Blues Project as Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso finished their set, October 17, 2009, Porter, Texas.

Ken & Mary's 8-20-05 (1 of 1 Moon blog V)Original Stage at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project (August 2005)

Ken & Mary’s Blues Project 20 Years Out   Leave a comment

Ken & Mary's Blues ProjectKen & Mary Harris, 2008, The 2013 Edition is This Saturday — Image by kenne

Jonn Richardson and Rich DelGrosso were the 2011 headliners.

Martin Miglioretti, Photographer And Blues Lover, RIP   4 comments


Image by Martin Miglioretti


Blues In All Its Colors by Martin Miglioretti


Image by Martin Miglioretti

Last week I learned via Facebook that a fellow Blues lover and photographer, Martin Miglioretti pasted away in Houston at age 58. 
Martin was very well-known in the Houston Blues community. In 2009 Martin began a series of poster tributes to Houston blues,
“Blues In All Its Colors.” For Martin, the blues was more than just blue; it’s a rainbow of colors. The posters borrowed from the vintage “boxing-style” posters.

Another love of Miglioretti’s was photographing classic cars. Hot Rod magazine said, “This guy takes photorealism to the extreme.”
Equally well-known in both blues and hot rod circles, Martin will be sorely missed. The Houston Blues Society’s logo was created by Martin.


Houston Blues Society Logo By Miglioretti

Martin Miglioretti, Rich DelGrosso & Sonny Boy Terry

Martin Miglioretti, Rich DelGrosso & Sonny Boy Terry — Image by Jenny Jerome


“The Real Deal” — Jonn DelToro Richardson & Rich DelGrosso at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project   1 comment

Jonn Del Toro Richardson  & Rich DelGrosso at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, October, 2011 — Image by kenne

My earlier posting, Rich DelGrosso & Jonn Del Toro Richardson at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, included a video of Rich and Jonn performing one of Rich’s songs, “Hard to Live With”, off their Blues Blast Awards nominated CD, Time Slips On By. The video on this posting is Jonn’s song, “The Real Deal,”  also on the new CD.


Rich DelGrosso & Jonn Del Toro Richardson at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project   1 comment

Jonn Del Toro Richardson & Rich DelGrosso at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project — Image by kenne

Some people are hard to live with,
the source for many a blues song.
But the blues is easy to live with,
especially in the woods of east Texas.

Ken & Mary know that for sure,
attracting friends and their guests,
year after year to their Blues Project,
sharing the best blues anywhere.

Returning again this year, Rich DelGrosso sang,
“Hard To Live With,” with Jonn Del Tero Richardson.
Their latest CD, nominated  by “Blues Blast” magazine for
“Best Traditional Blues CD of The Year!”

Nominated among blues legends,
very deserving of the honor,
with new songs taking traditional blues
to a new creative level.


Blues In The Woods — Part I   2 comments

Jonn Del Toro Richardson and Rich DelGrosso with their Band — Image by kenne

Surrounded by family and many friends, last night Joy and I experienced blues in the woods at Ken and Mary’s 2011 Fall Music Festival in Porter, Texas. What we saw was more than a moment can capture, more than we can tell you, more than words can say. Still, I will be sharing more in later postings.


Ken & Mary’s Blues Project October 2008 — Revisited   5 comments

Sonny Boy Terry, Rich DelGrosso & The Moe Hansum Band, October 2008 @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project House Concert — Images by kenne

One of the best house concerts anywhere, Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, will be celebrating its 19th year with special guests Jonn Del Toro Richardson and Rich DelGrosso, October 15, 2011. As pictured above, Rich has made many appearances since moving to Houston, but from my recollection, this will be Houstonian Jonn Del Toro Richardson’s first time at the Blues Project. If I’m wrong on that, I’m sure Ken & Mary will let me know — what I do know is this will be their first time together in the woods of east Montgomery County.

Joy and I have been privilege to see Jonn and Rich perform many times, with many of Houston’s best blues musicians. Because of the following each of these guys have in their own right, this should be the biggest Ken & Mary’s Blues Project ever — get ready to camp out! You can get more information on this fall event and get on Ken & Mary’s email list by emailing to

Now that we have move to Tucson, the thing I try to do is keep some of my blues folks, because they are a part of who I am, or want to be, or might have been; people who came my way, by accident or incident, and got me going, kept me going — oh yes,caused me to now cross new readers paths. So, I keep an eye on all my traveling companions and do well to dream of down the road, since someone might show up who brings a fresh breath of air and makes our trip a bit more exciting. Sometimes we need to knock the tiredness out, letting some new energy in as we continue down the road.

The people who have passed through Ken & Mary’s Blues Project are a validation of keeping an eye on one’s traveling companions so we are able to meet at the crossroads where with our imagination, like viewing an Edward Hopper canvass through which we see life’s affection and frustration and occasionally, subservience.

Whether a blues musician or not, we are all singing about life’s passersby. Some are blessed with the skills to interpret the experience better than others, even so, “. . . my righthand itches” — see you on down the road.


Video of the Week — Jonn Richardson & Rich DelGrosso   1 comment

Jonn Richardson & Rich DelGrosso rip it up in Portland!
Thanks Jonn for posting on Facebook.

Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso — Amazing Grace, Revised   2 comments

In the spirit of the Season, I’m again posting a video recorded at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, October 2009. I have been fortunate to see Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso play together on many a occassion. Together they create a natural down-home feel that is best exemplified by their rendition of Amazing Grace. This was the last tune they did before the next band. Darkness had settled in and the resulting video is a little dark, so I included some still photos along with the dark video footage to give the viewer a better feel. However, it’s the audio that really counts. This tune is always a request of Ken & Mary at their house concerts.


Swing/Jump Blues, Brazilian Style — The Igor Prado Band   Leave a comment

Brazilian music is a reflection of the people; full of passion, sentiment and joy – a mixture of Indigenous, European and African influences. All music lovers are also familiar with the very popular Brazilian influence on Jazz. Less know is their love of the Blues and let another Brazilian sound, Brazilian Blues. In a country with so many great guitarists and a love for Fender and Gibson guitars, why wouldn’t one find many of guitarists digging deep into American Blues as their genre of choice.  Among them are Igor Prado and his band. Self-taught, Igor is a very skillful left-handed guitar player, so it’s not surprising that his choice of Blues sub-genre is “Jump or Swing Blues,” providing a very jazzy feel.

In his most recent CD (Brazilian Kicks), The Igor Prado Band has teamed up with Lynwood Slim, a widely respected and in-demand vocalist/harmonica player, having worked with many current Blues greats, such as “Mr. Blues Mandolin,” Rich DelGrosso. This new album is surprising Blues and Jazz lovers on both continents. This album is being played on Marty Kool’s Blues Review, Tucson’s community radio station, KXCI.


Capturing the Moment — “Mr. Mandolin Blues”   Leave a comment

Rich DelGrosso, “Mr. Mandolin Blues” 2008 — image by kenne

Amazing Grace — Sonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso Revised   1 comment

Sonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso – image by kenne

On the 11th of this past November, I posted an entry with a video of Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso playing “Amazing Grace.” Because of lighting, the video was on the dark side. So, with Sonny Boy Terry’s encouragement, I have redone the video using a combination of photos and video.


Charlie Parker — Friends of the Blues Tribute   3 comments

Image by kenne

Blues Up Stairs

Are we not all
standing in line
at heaven’s door?
who’s number
will be next.

Many are called
when they are ready,
most are not.
But, all are called before
others are ready
to pass through the door
to the big house of blues
that’s always rocking.

The house of the blues
where the music
goes on and on
at the house
with no last time around.
Charlie Parker,
your music
and images will remain.

Even as we
all wait to hear
our number called
to enter the ever-rocking
house of the blues,
the music goes on.
Until them,
we will miss you.


T99 Nelson, Charlie Parker & AJ Murphy – Image by kenne

“Amazing Grace” – Sonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso   4 comments

By the time Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso were finishing their set at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project on the 17th of October, darkness, along with the stage lighting behind them created a silhouette, making for an image fitting for their last song, “Amazing Grace.” (See video below.)

The song was also their last in their recent gig at Babin’s Seafood House in The Woodlands, where we had an enjoyable evening of the Blues with Sonny and Rich.

16064_1178421253257_1009898331_30457128_6260518_nReminder: We encourage all our friends in the Houston area to attend this Sunday’s 20th Food for Blues — the following is from Sonny.

Hey kind folks, Here is the line up for our Umpteenth Annual Blues For Food festival ’09 at Shakespeare’s Pub located at 14128 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77079 . The official date is Sunday, November 15th, 2009. Music begins at 1PM and runs for 13 hours.  Please be advised some time slots may change. More details to follow. Any non-perishable food items and cash donations are accepted. There will also be raffles and a silent auction.  All proceeds benefit the Houston Food Bank. A free Texas style BBQ plate comes to all those who donate. With 12 acts and numerous special guests, NEARLY FIFTY musicians and a total of one hundred volunteers  are donating their time and energy to this great Houston tradition.

20 years running now with over 24 Blues For Food events under our belt (Big Roger Collins was doing them twice a year at first), Blues For Food, a precursor to the development of the Houston Blues Society, has set the bar for charities on the local Houston music scene raising close to 100 Thousand Dollars and 150 thousand pounds of food in it’s long history.

Please visit or for continuous updates as more details develop. Feel free to pass the word and promote it within your social groups, businesses, organizations and/or church activities. For more information, call Sonny Boy Terry at 713.869.7746 or 713.822.0437.

Sonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project   Leave a comment

Sonny Boy & Rich  8004 - 2009-10-17 art blogSonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso

Two Saturday’s ago, before PorterDavis entertained Ken & Mary’s friends in Porter, TX, Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso provided some great Blues. What more can you ask for — (1) a beautiful east Texas fall evening; (2) Sonny and Rich; (3) PorterDavis. It just can’t get better!

If you love the Blues and you want to help support the Houston Blues Bank, then mark you calendar for November 15th and attend the Blues For Food Festival 2009 – Shakespeare’s Pub For several years now, Sonny Boy Terry has coordinated this event, following in the (big) foot-steps of Big Roger Collins.


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