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Memories of East Texas   1 comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKen & Mary’s Blues Project (On a humid east Texas night the rain forced everyone to move inside) —
Images and Video by kenne (Flickr Images)

WIP & Porter DavisMemories of East Texas keep drafting
over Arizona mountains
headed to El Paso, San Antonio, Houston

where BBQ smoke floats
through the piney woods
and blues music heals the soul

to make up the conscious past
with the Last Waltz of
Ken and Mary’s Blue Project.

Over time we have learned
all good things must
come to and end;

things we enjoy,
things we find comforting,
things we love

all eventually come to an end —
“To every thing there is a season, and
a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Now it’s time to head on down the highway
to once again experience the blues at the crossroads —
“Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

— kenne

Darkness settled over Ken & Mary’s Blues Project as Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso finished their set, October 17, 2009, Porter, Texas.

Ken & Mary's 8-20-05 (1 of 1 Moon blog V)Original Stage at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project (August 2005)

Daniel Barrett, “. . . walking in the morning.”   2 comments

PorterDavis  Dan Barrett 8058 - 2009-10-17 art blogMusic moves us all in different ways. We all have experienced those special moments, which we are able to remember forever, because of a music connection. There are also those special moments that don’t carry a music identity, like waking in the morning with someone I love. Such moments become even more special when you read a poem are hear a song that rings true with the moment. This song by Daniel Barrett, of PorteDavis, rings true — I think it will also for you. Listening to it is like, “ . . . walking toward something perfect.” I feel fortunate to have captured the moment.


(Recorded at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, October 17, 2009.)

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Sonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project   Leave a comment

Sonny Boy & Rich  8004 - 2009-10-17 art blogSonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso

Two Saturday’s ago, before PorterDavis entertained Ken & Mary’s friends in Porter, TX, Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso provided some great Blues. What more can you ask for — (1) a beautiful east Texas fall evening; (2) Sonny and Rich; (3) PorterDavis. It just can’t get better!

If you love the Blues and you want to help support the Houston Blues Bank, then mark you calendar for November 15th and attend the Blues For Food Festival 2009 – Shakespeare’s Pub For several years now, Sonny Boy Terry has coordinated this event, following in the (big) foot-steps of Big Roger Collins.


PorterDavis @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project Video   2 comments

PorterDavis  Dan & Simon Art II blogDan Barrett & Simon Wallace

This is the third entry on the return visit of PorterDavis to Ken & Mary’s Blues Project. (click here for entry one and entry two)


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PorterDavis @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project   5 comments

Porter Davis  8027 - 2009-10-17 at 20-36-50 blogPorterDavis at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project – photo by kenne

Porter Davis  Dan Barrett 8058 - 2009-10-17 blogBlessed with beautiful fall east Texas weather, many blues fans and friends from all around the Houston area gathered in the east Montgomery county woods at Ken & Mary’s house party (Ken & Mary’s Blues Project). In recent years, house parties have become a popular way to enjoy live music and celebrate the joy of good camaraderie. Those who know Ken and Mary know there are few blues lovers that work as hard to share their love of the great American music genre.

Over the years I have been able to photograph and recently video the many artists that continue to make Ken & Mary’s Blues Project a very special experience. This past Saturday was no exception, but exceptional. The evening began early with local favorites and past performers at the Project, Sonny Sonny Boy & Rich  8004 - 2009-10-17 blogBoy Terry and Rick DelGrosso, who demonstrated their friendship by being a last-minute replacement, even though they would be performing at Shakespeare’s Pub later in the evening. As noted in an earlier posting today, Sonny Boy Terry will be performing in the Houston IBC final’s next Sunday at Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar. We hope all of Houston’s many blues lovers will be out to support Terry.

After Terry and Rich’s set, it was time for another past Project performers, PorterDavis to take the stage. It was Ken & Mary that introduced us to this dynamic Austin-based American Roots/Blues band, recently performing on each coast after the release of their new CD, “PorterDavis.” PorterDavis  8036 - 2009-10-17 blogThe CD demonstrates their singer-songwriter talents, with two great covers of William U. Davis and Muddy Waters songs. This is group that continues to get better and better. If you don’t believe me, buy their CD.

I’m currently working on a video I will be posting with other photos later this week.


Porter Davis  8065 - 2009-10-17 at 22-08-54 blog

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