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Porter Davis  8027 - 2009-10-17 at 20-36-50 blogPorterDavis at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project – photo by kenne

Porter Davis  Dan Barrett 8058 - 2009-10-17 blogBlessed with beautiful fall east Texas weather, many blues fans and friends from all around the Houston area gathered in the east Montgomery county woods at Ken & Mary’s house party (Ken & Mary’s Blues Project). In recent years, house parties have become a popular way to enjoy live music and celebrate the joy of good camaraderie. Those who know Ken and Mary know there are few blues lovers that work as hard to share their love of the great American music genre.

Over the years I have been able to photograph and recently video the many artists that continue to make Ken & Mary’s Blues Project a very special experience. This past Saturday was no exception, but exceptional. The evening began early with local favorites and past performers at the Project, Sonny Sonny Boy & Rich  8004 - 2009-10-17 blogBoy Terry and Rick DelGrosso, who demonstrated their friendship by being a last-minute replacement, even though they would be performing at Shakespeare’s Pub later in the evening. As noted in an earlier posting today, Sonny Boy Terry will be performing in the Houston IBC final’s next Sunday at Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar. We hope all of Houston’s many blues lovers will be out to support Terry.

After Terry and Rich’s set, it was time for another past Project performers, PorterDavis to take the stage. It was Ken & Mary that introduced us to this dynamic Austin-based American Roots/Blues band, recently performing on each coast after the release of their new CD, “PorterDavis.” PorterDavis  8036 - 2009-10-17 blogThe CD demonstrates their singer-songwriter talents, with two great covers of William U. Davis and Muddy Waters songs. This is group that continues to get better and better. If you don’t believe me, buy their CD.

I’m currently working on a video I will be posting with other photos later this week.


Porter Davis  8065 - 2009-10-17 at 22-08-54 blog

5 responses to “PorterDavis @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project

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  1. Hey Kenne,
    These pictures are fantastic, and thanks for the kind words about porterdavis. The crisp Autumn air, great food, great music, and great people… Ken & Mary sure know how to throw a party!


  2. Well, I could tell that Kenne was some sort of prifissional, so I tried to stay out of his way. I got some video but I haven’t transferred it to CD/DVD yet. If it is worth keeping I will send it to you B. Oh yeah, my friends and I had a grrrrreat time hangin’ with you guys, we think you’re pretty awesome and we plan on turning a lot of people onto you. We had a blast perusing your Boutique (hehe) and we can’t wait to see you again, either in Austin or Conroe.
    Take care of that trio of talent, they have something special, something I believe will take them places.
    Thanks, thanks, and more thanks to Ken and Mary, they are the greatest ever!
    Jane Dorsett


  3. As always, great food, great company anf fabulous entertainment.
    Thank you so much Ken & Mary for inviting us in your awesome parties!
    Lots os love,
    Jake & Padg


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