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Ken & Mary’s Blues Project October 2008 — Revisited   5 comments

Sonny Boy Terry, Rich DelGrosso & The Moe Hansum Band, October 2008 @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project House Concert — Images by kenne

One of the best house concerts anywhere, Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, will be celebrating its 19th year with special guests Jonn Del Toro Richardson and Rich DelGrosso, October 15, 2011. As pictured above, Rich has made many appearances since moving to Houston, but from my recollection, this will be Houstonian Jonn Del Toro Richardson’s first time at the Blues Project. If I’m wrong on that, I’m sure Ken & Mary will let me know — what I do know is this will be their first time together in the woods of east Montgomery County.

Joy and I have been privilege to see Jonn and Rich perform many times, with many of Houston’s best blues musicians. Because of the following each of these guys have in their own right, this should be the biggest Ken & Mary’s Blues Project ever — get ready to camp out! You can get more information on this fall event and get on Ken & Mary’s email list by emailing to

Now that we have move to Tucson, the thing I try to do is keep some of my blues folks, because they are a part of who I am, or want to be, or might have been; people who came my way, by accident or incident, and got me going, kept me going — oh yes,caused me to now cross new readers paths. So, I keep an eye on all my traveling companions and do well to dream of down the road, since someone might show up who brings a fresh breath of air and makes our trip a bit more exciting. Sometimes we need to knock the tiredness out, letting some new energy in as we continue down the road.

The people who have passed through Ken & Mary’s Blues Project are a validation of keeping an eye on one’s traveling companions so we are able to meet at the crossroads where with our imagination, like viewing an Edward Hopper canvass through which we see life’s affection and frustration and occasionally, subservience.

Whether a blues musician or not, we are all singing about life’s passersby. Some are blessed with the skills to interpret the experience better than others, even so, “. . . my righthand itches” — see you on down the road.


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