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A ’70s Self‑Portrait   Leave a comment

A ’70s Self‑Portrait (At my desk at Southern Illinois University.) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

In the early 1970s, I worked on a grant program called Career  Development for Children Project (CDCP).
The project’s core theses were founded on the concept of an educational serving the community through direct
attention to individual citizens’ needs and goals. It intended to refocus the learning and related services
of public education toward the individual’s development.

— kenne

Career Development for Children Project – A Flashback   1 comment

CDCP Collage blogLarry Bailey, Bill Van Rooy, Marybee Anthose, Kenne Turner – 1971

This project, in the early seventies, was all about developing a career development model for use in elementary education. We developed an instructional component and curriculum materials designed enable students, as they proceed through school, to learn about “self” and the world of work at higher levels of specificity. As is often the case in good educational research and development, it was ahead of its time.


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