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There’s A Poster On The Wall   2 comments

Klee Poster (1 of 1) enhanced blog“Becoming is Superior to Being” — Paul Klee (An early 1970’s gift from Larry J. Bailey)

There’s a poster on the wall,
been there for many years.

A gift from a mentor and friend
that expressed better than I

who I was and who I was to become.
Five words of existential thought

always there providing direction
and guidance to envision the

future by not relinquishing the
task to a professional elite.

— kenne

Career Development for Children Project – A Flashback   1 comment

CDCP Collage blogLarry Bailey, Bill Van Rooy, Marybee Anthose, Kenne Turner – 1971

This project, in the early seventies, was all about developing a career development model for use in elementary education. We developed an instructional component and curriculum materials designed enable students, as they proceed through school, to learn about “self” and the world of work at higher levels of specificity. As is often the case in good educational research and development, it was ahead of its time.


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