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Red Sky at Sunset   Leave a comment

Sunsets & Yard Flowers September 2012Red Sky at Sunset — Computer Art by kenne

Red sky at sunset
Clouds forming strings of light
Feathering into the night
As darkness covers the ground
Tracing the space of our connectedness.

— kenne

There’s A Poster On The Wall   2 comments

Klee Poster (1 of 1) enhanced blog“Becoming is Superior to Being” — Paul Klee (An early 1970’s gift from Larry J. Bailey)

There’s a poster on the wall,
been there for many years.

A gift from a mentor and friend
that expressed better than I

who I was and who I was to become.
Five words of existential thought

always there providing direction
and guidance to envision the

future by not relinquishing the
task to a professional elite.

— kenne

Hiking Romero Pools Trail, January 23, 2015   Leave a comment

Sunrise On The trail (1 of 1) Jeff & Phil blog

The trail begins merciful,
level and wide for
our first steps.

The sun greeting us
rising above the mountains
warming the morning air.

Our path is straight
into the canyon
through winter’s brown.

Soon the trail narrows
turning left, then right
with carved rock stairs.

The pace slows as
fellow hikers snake-line
up the steep slopes.

As we near the first ridge,
the sky seems smaller,
staying alert with each step.

Hiking the lower canyon walls,
soon we reach the first saddle,
we break for the vistas.

Seeing no bighorn sheep,
only white rocks mistook
for their white rumps.

Climbing up and
around the next ridge,
water flowing from its top.

A steep drop in the trail
beckons thoughts of yet
another ridge to climb.

Reaching a thousand feet
above the trailhead before
hiking down to the pools.

Winter rains have provided
plenty of water for breathtaking
views of the pools and falls.

Spring break will bring
students’ cliff jumping into
the deeper Romero Pools.

I share a silent moment
above the pools with
only my shadow companion.

— kenne

Romero Pools (1 of 1)-25 blog shadow companionImages by kenne



Geraldine Ferraro Dead At 75   Leave a comment

1984 Mondale/Ferraro Campaign Poster

In 1985, while in Washington, D.C. for a conference, I bought this poster for Joy, and it has been proudly hanging in our home since that time. Like a lot of women and men, she was very pleased to see a female as a major party candidate for the second highest office in the nation — it also helped that she was a Democrat. It is with sadness that today we learned that Geraldine Ferraro died at age 75 from a long battle with cancer. Read more . . .


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