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Bad Trick   Leave a comment

Singer-Songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard at The Rhythm Room (10/30/14)– Image by kenne

Everybody Turns A Bad Trick Now And Then

A Houston Blues Man   1 comment

Sherman Robertson @ The Rythem Room_edit Hopperist II_edit blogBlues Musician, Sherman Robertson at the Old Rhythm Room in Houston (July 2004) — Digital Painting by kenne

Standing at stage right
Blues fans wait for the intro
One of Houston’s best.

— kenne

Some Good-Old Texas Blues Rock   1 comment

Tommie Lee Bradley (1 of 1)-2 art II blogTommie Lee Bradley with the New Jack Hippies at Houston’s Rhythm Room (March 8, 2003) — Computer art by kenne


It’s All About The Music; The Performance; The Story   3 comments

The days

I keep my gratitude

higher than my expectations,

I have really good days.

— from “Mother Blues” by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Ray Wylie Hubbard (1 of 1)-9 blog

Ray Wylie Hubbard (1 of 1)-6 blog

Ray Wylie Hubbard (1 of 1)-7 blogRay Wylie Hubbard at the Rhythm Room, Phoenix, Arizona (October 30, 2014) — Images by kenne

I live with a women
that loves to gamble,
Me, I can take it, or leave it —
mostly leave it.

But, life is all about
give and take,
my coochy coochy, coo —
give and take.

There’s a night club in sun city
called the Rhythm Room,
home of a mean blues harp player
twenty-two years out of Chicago.

Got a Rhythm Room email —
Ray Wylie Hubbard, October 30th,
this trick and treat time
will be only a treat.

I’m gonna give my women
a deck of cards
at Wild House Pass Casino
and count my blessings.

Ordered our tickets
and off to Phoenix —
she at the helm,
I listening to iTunes radio.

She gets in gambling time 
before driving down
Indian School Road — 
“Look at that line at the door.”

Doors opened at seven,
house packed an hour
before D.L. Marble give us
some Sonoran Rock ‘n Roll.

Sitting behind mama Marble,
we couldn’t help but feel
kinda special on another evening
at Corritore’s Rhythm Room.

We were ready for some
down home country blues,
Lighten Hopkins style
with sprinkles of Townes and Hayes.

Here we are just north of the border,
our table just been cleaned,
must be time to order
some of that mescaline.

“I’m gonna holler and I’m gonna scream
I’m gonna get me some mescaline
She brings me roses and a place to lean
A drunken poets dream.” * 

Ray walked onto the stage
to the hollering and screaming,
a love fest sing along —
loving the music, loving the story,

Loving the man —
It don’t get no better!

— kenne


Click here to watch a great full concert video done three years ago. The Rhythm Room show was pretty much the same —
“If it ain’t broke, don’t break it!”

* Hayes Carll

Shadows At The Backdoor   Leave a comment

The Room (1 of 1)Houndgog & T99 blog“Shadows at the Backdoor”  (09/13/03) — Image by kenne

Blues Legend, Jimmy “T99” Nelson is shadowed by James “Blues Hound” Nagel and Smokin’ Joe Montes
off-stage at the back entrance of the old Washington Street Rhythm Room.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJimmy “T99” Nelson (10/01/01) — Image by kenne


Houston’s Rhythm Room Revisited   2 comments

Posting from November 28, 2005 on

rhythm-room-collage-blogMark May & “T-99″ Nelson Collage at Houston’s Rhythm Room by kenne

The Rhythm Room

There was a place
Near downtown
Always rock’n
Embracing the sound
Echoing in time
Without a clock —
Down in old H-Town.

More than a room,
The grandest of joints
Rhythm was its fame
So no need to point
For people all knew
Blues was its claim —
Down in old H-Town.

Music recorded live
By Smoke’n Joe
For everyone to hear
From far and wide —
Blues lovers know
The music lives on
Down in old H-Town.

The room’s now gone
Replaced by condos
So too the sound
Losing out to big doe —
Rhythm in the blues
Forever to be found
Down in old H-Town.

— kenne

If This Guitar Could Talk   1 comment

Mean Gene KeltonThe late Mean Gene Kelton — May 3, 2008 Image by kenne

“If this guitar could talk – don’t you think you might hear

How the road goes on forever, just follow the trail of tears”

— from “If This Guitar Could Talk” by Mean Gene Kelton


Mean Gene Kelton was one hell of a rockin’ bluesman. He was also that down home Mississippi boy who loved sitting around picking, playing the harp and telling stories — never a moment to write about in “Gigs from Hell.”

I recall Gene telling me that he was getting tired of the “regular gig thing,” which is one of the reasons he started his weekly acoustic “Rooster Jam” at Rooster’s in Baytown.

In May of 2008, Ken & Mary’s Blues Project provided one of those perfect “under the stars” venues for the “unplugged” Gene.

And yes, we are still following “. . . the trail of tears.”


Diunna Greenleaf & Blue Mercy In Tucson & Bisbee This Weekend   4 comments

Diunna with Blue Mercy lead guitarist, Jonn Richardson — Images by kenne

Friends of The Blues: Charlie Parker, AJ Murphy, Kenne Turner, Diunna Greenleaf & Dale Armet

Diunna & Joy

This weekend Diunna Greenleaf and her band, Blue Mercy will be in Tucson and Bisbee — Friday night as part of the Rhythm & Roots Series in Tucson, then Saturday she will be headlining the Bisbee Blues Festival. Diunna is a popular Houston blues singer that Joy and I have known since 1999, when she worked with some Montgomery County blues lovers to form the Friends of The Blues – Montgomery County and start an educational blues series at Montgomery College.

Diunna’s blues style is her own, developed from the legendary male & female Texas blues singers. Diunna and Blue Mercy have performed throughout the United States and Internationally.

This year Diunna has been nominated for the “Koko Taylor Award-Traditional Blues Female” and “Traditional Blues Album-Trying To Hold On” at the 2012 Blues Music Awards in Memphis, TN on May 5th, 2012. Her new CD “Trying To Hold On” s #1 on XM/Sirius Radio Bluesville Chart, #1 on French Blues charts, #1 on Living Blues charts for December, and is at the top of Blues charts in UK, Australia and USA.

If you are in the Tucson area this weekend, I urge you to go see Diunna — you will witness some of the best blues anywhere. We are looking forward to seeing Diunna and the band.

If you are into Arizona blues, then you know Bob Corritore. He will be Diunna’s special guest, both in Tucson and Bisbee.


Diunna Greenleaf with Bob Corritore at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix

The Fremonts Sing The Blues at Tucson’s Rhythm & Roots Series   1 comment

Patrick Skog and “Mighty” Joe Milsap — Image by kenne

If you love the sound and beat of Gulf Coast R&B, you will love The Fremonts. This band features “Mighty” Joe Milsap, and the Tucson Rhythm & Roots Series  included special guest, Bob Corritore of the Phoenix Rhythm Room fame. This event was also supported by The Southern Arizona Blues Heritage Foundation.

We are all about supporting live music! Whatever the genre, live music is what feeling the joy is all about — EXPERIENCE THE FEELING!


The Fremonts with Special Guest, Bob Corritore — Image by kenne

Dave Riley & Bob Corritore – Safe at Last & Tell Him What You Want   1 comment

Bob Corritore & Dave Riley — Image by kenne

If you follow my blog, you have seen several videos from the 20th Anniversary of Bob Corritore’s The Rhythm Room. One of Bob’s regulars with him at The Rhythm Room is Dave Riley. They did several songs before bringing on some of the evenings special guest, two of which were spiritual.


Bob Margolin at The Rhythm Room – 20th Anniversary   1 comment

Bob Margolin — Image by kenne

Sometimes, it just doesn’t get better. The three-day celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Rhythm Room included the blues great, Bob Margolin. Many of the musicians at this event knew the legendary Willy “Big Eyes” Smith who passed away the day before Bob’s gig at the Rhythm Room, so his performance was in memory of Smith.


The Rhythm Room 20th Anniversary   4 comments

Rhythm Room All-Stars at the 2010 Bisbee Blues Festival – Image by kenne

Last year, after being in Tucson for a couple of months, we looked for some good live Blues music and found it at the Bisbee Blues Festival. One of the groups at the festival was Bob Corritore and the Rhythm Room All-Stars.

We had planned on attending again this year, but instead, we will be at the 20th Anniversary of the Rhythm Room in Phoenix (Bob Corritore is the owner), which is on the same weekend. There is another reason for our being there — Diunna Greenleaf. Diunna is a super Blues singer from Houston and a dear friend.

The anniversary event will be three days with many great Blues acts. Click here for more information on the occasion.

— kenne

(Image to the right: Diunna & Joy — by kenne)


Video by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Backdoor   2 comments

Backdoor — Image by kenne


Chicago Blues By Way of Phoenix — and Bisbee   3 comments

Images by kenne

If you are looking for some great Chicago Blues, you might want to look by way of Phoenix and the Rhythm Room All Stars.
Founded by harmonica player, bandleader and owner of the Phoenix Blues Club, The Rhythm Room, A Chicago native,
Bob Corritore was introduced to the blues at an early age and took up the harmonica after being inspired by legendary
blues harmonica player, Little Walter.

Since 2005, Chris James and bassist Patrick Rynn, known by Blues fans as longtime leaders of their own band, the Blue Four,
have been a part of the All Stars.  I was pleased to photo them at the 2010 Bisbee Blues Festival. In the following clip the
All Stars are performing Chris James and Patrick Rynn’s original song “Mister Coffee”.


(Click on errors in lower right corner to see full screen HD)

Capturing the Moment — The Rhythm Room Revisited   3 comments

The Rhythm Room — Image by kenne

The Rhythm Room

There was a place
Somewhere near downtown
Always rock’n
Embracing the sound
Echoing in time
Without a hour clock.
Down in old H-town.

More than a room,
The grandest of joints
Rhythm was its fame
So no need to point
For people all knew
Blues was its claim
Down in old H-town.

The Room now gone
Replaced by many
So too the sound
Losing out to money
Rhythm in the blues
Forever to be found
Down in old H-town.


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