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Just A Little Country Blues   1 comment

Hayes Carll 7.30.07_0055 II Grunge Art blog chances areHayes Carll, Heritage Place, Conroe, Texas (August 2, 2007) — Computer art by kenne

“I’m gonna holler and I’m gonna scream
I’m gonna get me some mescaline
She brings me roses and a place to lean
A drunken poets dream”

— Hayes Carll

It’s All About The Music; The Performance; The Story   3 comments

The days

I keep my gratitude

higher than my expectations,

I have really good days.

— from “Mother Blues” by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Ray Wylie Hubbard (1 of 1)-9 blog

Ray Wylie Hubbard (1 of 1)-6 blog

Ray Wylie Hubbard (1 of 1)-7 blogRay Wylie Hubbard at the Rhythm Room, Phoenix, Arizona (October 30, 2014) — Images by kenne

I live with a women
that loves to gamble,
Me, I can take it, or leave it —
mostly leave it.

But, life is all about
give and take,
my coochy coochy, coo —
give and take.

There’s a night club in sun city
called the Rhythm Room,
home of a mean blues harp player
twenty-two years out of Chicago.

Got a Rhythm Room email —
Ray Wylie Hubbard, October 30th,
this trick and treat time
will be only a treat.

I’m gonna give my women
a deck of cards
at Wild House Pass Casino
and count my blessings.

Ordered our tickets
and off to Phoenix —
she at the helm,
I listening to iTunes radio.

She gets in gambling time 
before driving down
Indian School Road — 
“Look at that line at the door.”

Doors opened at seven,
house packed an hour
before D.L. Marble give us
some Sonoran Rock ‘n Roll.

Sitting behind mama Marble,
we couldn’t help but feel
kinda special on another evening
at Corritore’s Rhythm Room.

We were ready for some
down home country blues,
Lighten Hopkins style
with sprinkles of Townes and Hayes.

Here we are just north of the border,
our table just been cleaned,
must be time to order
some of that mescaline.

“I’m gonna holler and I’m gonna scream
I’m gonna get me some mescaline
She brings me roses and a place to lean
A drunken poets dream.” * 

Ray walked onto the stage
to the hollering and screaming,
a love fest sing along —
loving the music, loving the story,

Loving the man —
It don’t get no better!

— kenne


Click here to watch a great full concert video done three years ago. The Rhythm Room show was pretty much the same —
“If it ain’t broke, don’t break it!”

* Hayes Carll

Capturing The Moment — Hayes Carll   Leave a comment

Hayes Carll — July 2007 Image by kenne

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Video of The Week — Hayes Carll   Leave a comment

Hayes Carll at Tut’s in Conroe, Texas, 2004 — Image by kenne (Flickr Photo Set)

This is now the third blog posting I have done on Hayes Carll:

This one was came about because of a Facebook entry by Larry Winters (KPFT Spare Change Show) on Hayes, who  was a guest on his show yesterday. (Click here for a link to a posted video from the show.)

Hayes also appeared on The Tonight Show this past January:


Townes and Hayes   3 comments

Hayes Tuts 2004 II blogHayes Carll at Tut’s in Conroe, Texas 2004

Recently I placed an entry on Facebook to my recent blog posting, “Another look at Shadow Lake,” which included a quote from Townes Van Zandt’s “Highway Kind.” I received a comment pointing out what many have said making a comparison with The Woodlands kid, Hayes Carll.  I couldn’t agree more. Let’s just hope Hayes lives longer than Townes – much longer!

Here are two links to photos I have taken of Hayes.


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