Houston’s Rhythm Room Revisited   2 comments

Posting from November 28, 2005 on 360.yahoo.com/kenneturner.

rhythm-room-collage-blogMark May & “T-99″ Nelson Collage at Houston’s Rhythm Room by kenne

The Rhythm Room

There was a place
Near downtown
Always rock’n
Embracing the sound
Echoing in time
Without a clock —
Down in old H-Town.

More than a room,
The grandest of joints
Rhythm was its fame
So no need to point
For people all knew
Blues was its claim —
Down in old H-Town.

Music recorded live
By Smoke’n Joe
For everyone to hear
From far and wide —
Blues lovers know
The music lives on
Down in old H-Town.

The room’s now gone
Replaced by condos
So too the sound
Losing out to big doe —
Rhythm in the blues
Forever to be found
Down in old H-Town.

— kenne

2 responses to “Houston’s Rhythm Room Revisited

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  1. Loved the Rhythm Room down on Washington Ave. Saw Rudy T, coach of the Rockets, there a few times. Like the Reddi Room, a hotbed of Houston talent and charm.


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