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Bob Margolin at The Rhythm Room – 20th Anniversary   1 comment

Bob Margolin — Image by kenne

Sometimes, it just doesn’t get better. The three-day celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Rhythm Room included the blues great, Bob Margolin. Many of the musicians at this event knew the legendary Willy “Big Eyes” Smith who passed away the day before Bob’s gig at the Rhythm Room, so his performance was in memory of Smith.


The Rhythm Room 20th Anniversary   4 comments

Rhythm Room All-Stars at the 2010 Bisbee Blues Festival – Image by kenne

Last year, after being in Tucson for a couple of months, we looked for some good live Blues music and found it at the Bisbee Blues Festival. One of the groups at the festival was Bob Corritore and the Rhythm Room All-Stars.

We had planned on attending again this year, but instead, we will be at the 20th Anniversary of the Rhythm Room in Phoenix (Bob Corritore is the owner), which is on the same weekend. There is another reason for our being there — Diunna Greenleaf. Diunna is a super Blues singer from Houston and a dear friend.

The anniversary event will be three days with many great Blues acts. Click here for more information on the occasion.

— kenne

(Image to the right: Diunna & Joy — by kenne)


Video by kenne

Capturing the Moment — Wind, Dust & Rain   1 comment

Wind, Dust & Rain Looking North From The Catalina Foothills — July 5, 2011 — Image by kenne

The desert monsoon season can include a dust storm before the rain. We had some dust, with 80 mph winds in parts of the Tucson area, but nothing like that in Phoenix to the north. 


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