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Dust Strom In The Desert — Sunset   Leave a comment

Sunset -- DustSunset During High Winds In Tucson — Image by kenne

Capturing the Moment — Wind, Dust & Rain   1 comment

Wind, Dust & Rain Looking North From The Catalina Foothills — July 5, 2011 — Image by kenne

The desert monsoon season can include a dust storm before the rain. We had some dust, with 80 mph winds in parts of the Tucson area, but nothing like that in Phoenix to the north. 


I know, no rain goes along with the territory, like in southern Arizona!   Leave a comment

Dust Storm In The Desert — Image by kenne

In case you don’t know, southern California has got a lot of rain lately. The weather people have predicted that it was coming our way this weekend — the best chance for rain than we have had in months. Looks like southern California kept all the water and sent us a lot of wind and dust. I know, no rain goes along with the territory!

The above image was taken more near sunset, making for a more dramatic image than those in the following video.



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