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To All Mothers, Happy Mother’s Day   Leave a comment

A Symbol of Mother’s Day (Gambel’s Quail with Chick) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“A mother’s love liberates.”

— Maya Angelou

Female Gambel’s Quail and Two Chicks   Leave a comment

Female Gambel’s Quail and Two of Her Chicks — Image by kenne

Gambel’s quail are found almost exclusively in the southwestern United States, mainly in Arizona.
Their range extends into Mexico, east to parts of Texas, west to California and a small part of southern Utah,
Nevada and Colorado. Source: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Gambel’s Quail On Patio Wall   2 comments

Gambel’s Quail On Patio Wall — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Was relaxing at home
When an old friend comes calling
A timely visit.

Moments in time go
Something can not be explained
Making us connect.

— kenne

Sunday Morning Quail Walk — Photo-Essay   Leave a comment

Sunday Morning Quail Walk (Gambel’s quail – Callipepla gambelii)– Photo-Essay by kenne
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As quail families go, this is a small family — two chicks and two adults
(the male is not pictured because of his scout position).
This family was probably much larger at one time since the female may lay six to nine eggs.
Snakes and other predators may eat the eggs before they hatch,
and survival doesn’t get much better as little chicks.

— kenne


Gambel’s Quail   2 comments

Gambel's Quail-0678-3 blogGambel’s Quail Eating Cactus Fruit — Image by kenne

Fleet at foot
Always on the move
Prince of speed.

— kenne

Out The Gate — A Quail Family Photo Essay   2 comments

A follow-up to an April 24th posting, Gambel’s Quail Nest.

Quail (1 of 1)-10 blog

Nine quail eggs
under Rosemary
in the planter
near the fountain –
I bore witness
to her love
learning how close
I could get
before startled
she would
 fly away.

Quail Eggs (1 of 1) blog

For three weeks
I would check
as the sallow nest
became deeper
in the gray soil
like a fallow
planted with eggs
disappearing under
her pale gray feathers —
a love supreme.

Quail (1 of 1)-7 blog

For a bird easily startled
she was never bothered
by my time on the patio,
seeming to know
my presence helped
run off predators
while the stately
red-capped male
kept his distance —
a love supreme.

Quail (1 of 1)-2 blog

The hatching day
had finally arrived.
Knowing baby quail
leave the nest runners
not able to fly
nor leap the planter wall,
let alone the patio wall,
I listened to  the male
calling as she jumped
over the planter’s wall

Quail (1 of 1)-4 blog

as if expecting
the nine chicks

to instinctively
follow her — why not?
Isn’t that what
they are born to do?
Adding to the commotion,
I walked on the patio
as the adults retreated
into a large mesquite

Quail (1 of 1)-8 blog
where their view
was over the wall
while expressing
their displeasure
with my presence
near the nest.

Once I left the patio
the two adults were
soon on the patio wall
gauging each step.


Male Quail (1 of 1) blog

Time was working
against the adults
their movement
becoming more frantic
evidenced by a king snake,
having already
picked up the scent
of the hatched eggs,
moving outside
the patio wall.

Snake (1 of 1)-2 blog

Inside the planter
the chicks were
running in circles
calling out in response
to the adult calls.
It was time to help
the quail family,
turning the planter
on its side, 
the barrier was removed.

Planter On Side (1 of 1) blog

The chicks ran 
from the planter
the adult’s
from outside the
south patio wall.
In a matter of seconds
the speedy chicks
were through the gate
gathered by the adults.

Pation Gate (1 of 1) blog

Images by kenne

With each passing day
I see adult quails
near our home
wondering if they
are the nesting quails
that spent three weeks
on our patio and
now many of the
nine chicks are still alive —
a love supreme.

— kenne



Gambel’s Quail Nest   1 comment

Morning Dove Eggs (1 of 1)-2 blogNine Gambel’s Quail eggs in the patio planter.

About a week ago we had a new resident move in on our patio. I didn’t know she was there until one morning I was adding water the the fountain near the rosemary plant, when all of a sudden something flew out of the planter, scaring the shit out of me. At first I thought it was a dove on the wall I had not seen as I approached the fountain. It was only till the next time a similar happening took place did I realize the bird was coming from the planter. Since the bird was over the patio wall so quickly, not getting a good look, I assumed it was one of the many doves frequently seen around the fountain.

Fountain (1 of 1)-2 blogPatio fountain near rosemary planter.

I decided it was time for some investigative work and checked out the rosemary plant. What I found was nine eggs under the plant. With that many eggs it was for sure not a dove. It was probably a quail, but when she was on the nest it was difficult to till for sure. She is often on the nest when we are on the patio late in the day and evening, not seeming to be bothered by our talking and music nearby.

To make sure our new resident was a Gambel’s Quail, this morning move closer to the planter, as I crossed her comfort line she flew out over the wall, this time getting a good look at a Gambel’s Quail.

Front entrance (1 of 1) blogImages by kenne

Those of you who have followed this blog over the last few years know we have a resident Western screech owl near our front entranced under the tile roof on a somewhat hidden beam. The owl usually spends every other day here, apparently alternating with another daytime home in his nighttime range.

We did have a resident packrat, however we evicted her. We also  have a resident gopher snake, but he tends to stay out of sight in appreciation of Joy’s fear of snakes.

— kenne



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