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Out The Gate — A Quail Family Photo Essay   2 comments

A follow-up to an April 24th posting, Gambel’s Quail Nest.

Quail (1 of 1)-10 blog

Nine quail eggs
under Rosemary
in the planter
near the fountain –
I bore witness
to her love
learning how close
I could get
before startled
she would
 fly away.

Quail Eggs (1 of 1) blog

For three weeks
I would check
as the sallow nest
became deeper
in the gray soil
like a fallow
planted with eggs
disappearing under
her pale gray feathers —
a love supreme.

Quail (1 of 1)-7 blog

For a bird easily startled
she was never bothered
by my time on the patio,
seeming to know
my presence helped
run off predators
while the stately
red-capped male
kept his distance —
a love supreme.

Quail (1 of 1)-2 blog

The hatching day
had finally arrived.
Knowing baby quail
leave the nest runners
not able to fly
nor leap the planter wall,
let alone the patio wall,
I listened to  the male
calling as she jumped
over the planter’s wall

Quail (1 of 1)-4 blog

as if expecting
the nine chicks

to instinctively
follow her — why not?
Isn’t that what
they are born to do?
Adding to the commotion,
I walked on the patio
as the adults retreated
into a large mesquite

Quail (1 of 1)-8 blog
where their view
was over the wall
while expressing
their displeasure
with my presence
near the nest.

Once I left the patio
the two adults were
soon on the patio wall
gauging each step.


Male Quail (1 of 1) blog

Time was working
against the adults
their movement
becoming more frantic
evidenced by a king snake,
having already
picked up the scent
of the hatched eggs,
moving outside
the patio wall.

Snake (1 of 1)-2 blog

Inside the planter
the chicks were
running in circles
calling out in response
to the adult calls.
It was time to help
the quail family,
turning the planter
on its side, 
the barrier was removed.

Planter On Side (1 of 1) blog

The chicks ran 
from the planter
the adult’s
from outside the
south patio wall.
In a matter of seconds
the speedy chicks
were through the gate
gathered by the adults.

Pation Gate (1 of 1) blog

Images by kenne

With each passing day
I see adult quails
near our home
wondering if they
are the nesting quails
that spent three weeks
on our patio and
now many of the
nine chicks are still alive —
a love supreme.

— kenne



Coltrane — “A Love Supreme”   2 comments

Kenne & Coltrane (2 of 2) SQ blog“Desert Coltrane” — Image by Joy

Some years ago on one of our trips to New Orleans, Joy and I were walking in the French Quarter and decided to go in a resale store. That’s when I saw the John Coltrane t-shirt I’m wearing in above photo by Joy.  The t-shirt has faded over the years, but I still wear it often to live music events, also just when I feel like it. Okay, so I set it up for this posting, which I had planned on in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Coltrane’s, “A Love Supreme.”  

In my teen years and early twenties I often would go to sleep listening to jazz on late-night Chicago radio. I still listen to a lot of radio, especially NPR where you can still find good jazz music. About ten days ago, I listened to and NPR story, 50 Years Of John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’. (A Love Supreme was recorded December 9, 1964.)

“I call it a sacred day for music fans, not just jazz fans. For people across musical boundaries and cultures — for Carlos Santana, Bono, Joni Mitchell, Steve Reich, Bootsy Collins, Gil Scott-Heron — hearing A Love Supreme was a revelation.” — Arun Rath

Many generations have and will continue to be influenced by the music of John Coltrane. If you let your soul listen you can hear his bluesy sound in the words and music of poets, singer-song writers and musicians:

Flirt with me don’t keep hurtin’ me
Don’t cause me pain
Be my lover don’t play no game
Just play me John Coltrane

 — from Righteously by Lucinda Williams


So, catch the blues train,
ride the drum beat’s edge,
see tomorrow’s vision,

somewhere around the bend.

a blues riff ,
Coltrane changes,

somewhere around the bend.

— from somewhere around the bend by kenne

“People had channeled emotions into music before. But no one had ever played the blues like this.

It’s the same message we get from the blues: Even in struggle and suffering, we sing, because life is a blessing. As much as Coltrane made his saxophone cry — for his suffering, and the world’s — in A Love Supreme he’s telling us that the most important voice to raise is one of gratitude to the creator for the gift of life.” — Arun Rath

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