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Gambel’s Quail Nest   1 comment

Morning Dove Eggs (1 of 1)-2 blogNine Gambel’s Quail eggs in the patio planter.

About a week ago we had a new resident move in on our patio. I didn’t know she was there until one morning I was adding water the the fountain near the rosemary plant, when all of a sudden something flew out of the planter, scaring the shit out of me. At first I thought it was a dove on the wall I had not seen as I approached the fountain. It was only till the next time a similar happening took place did I realize the bird was coming from the planter. Since the bird was over the patio wall so quickly, not getting a good look, I assumed it was one of the many doves frequently seen around the fountain.

Fountain (1 of 1)-2 blogPatio fountain near rosemary planter.

I decided it was time for some investigative work and checked out the rosemary plant. What I found was nine eggs under the plant. With that many eggs it was for sure not a dove. It was probably a quail, but when she was on the nest it was difficult to till for sure. She is often on the nest when we are on the patio late in the day and evening, not seeming to be bothered by our talking and music nearby.

To make sure our new resident was a Gambel’s Quail, this morning move closer to the planter, as I crossed her comfort line she flew out over the wall, this time getting a good look at a Gambel’s Quail.

Front entrance (1 of 1) blogImages by kenne

Those of you who have followed this blog over the last few years know we have a resident Western screech owl near our front entranced under the tile roof on a somewhat hidden beam. The owl usually spends every other day here, apparently alternating with another daytime home in his nighttime range.

We did have a resident packrat, however we evicted her. We also  have a resident gopher snake, but he tends to stay out of sight in appreciation of Joy’s fear of snakes.

— kenne



Hello Little Bird, Did You Remember To “Spring Forward”?   3 comments

Desert Museum-9810 hello little birdImage by kenne

We humans focus too much on time, so much so that when a first grader was being told about daylight savings time and the way you remember whether it’s time to turn the clocks back or forward — think fall back in the Fall and spring forward in the Spring, she asked, “Who tells the birds to spring forward?” Of course the question, like most children’s questions provided for a teaching opportunity — birds don’t need clocks to tell them it’s time to get up or time to go to sleep. 

And then there’s Arizona. The time zones across the United States all sprung forward today, but not Arizona. Like the birds, we follow nature’s clock — no spring forward and falling back for us. Since I come from generations of farmers, my wakeup time is earlier with the passing of each day – no sudden change to my body clock. As a result, I still hear the morning dove calls and see the return of the Western Screech Owl to roust under our entrance way. Life continues to change while staying the same.

Oh, if you live on the east coast, don’t be calling us at 8:00am, EDT!



Western Or Whiskered Screech-Owl   8 comments

Western or Whiskered Owl blogWestern or Whiskered Screech-Owl — Image by kenne

The more I observe my new found friend, and the more I Google for information, the more I’m not sure whether he is a Western or Whiskered Screech-Owl. The Western is common to most western states, but the Whiskered is only common to southeastern Arizona and northern Sonora. The two are almost identical and the best way to tell the difference is their voice.  The Whiskered voice is a series of low whistles in a distinctive Morse code-like pattern: hoo-hoo hooo hoo, hoo-hoo hooo hoo, and so on. Also a rapid hoohoohoohoo. So far, I have decided not to pursue a conversation.


I Blow It!   2 comments

Western Screech Owl (1 of 1) blogWestern Screech Owl — Image by kenne

A few days ago I posted, “Capturing The Moment — Great Horned Owl” on this blog. In doing so I really showed my lack of knowledge when it comes to Owls. Even in doing so, I kept thinking, “This guy is small for a Great Horned Owl.” So, I figured he/she was a young Great Horned Owl. After doing more homework, I have now concluded that this owl is a Western Screech Owl. I guess there are not a lot of birders that follow my blog.


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