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Tombstone Stagecoach Driver   Leave a comment

Tombstone Stagecoach Driver — Image by kenne

A stagecoach driver
Waiting outside Big Nose Kate’s
Most tourists walk by.

— kenne


Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw   Leave a comment

Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw-Edit-2-blogSandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Sandhill Cranes wintering in southeast Arizona and northern Sonora many have migrated from their nesting area in Siberia. 

Whitewater Draw is an Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Area is of state and regional significance as the primary wintering area for Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis) in Arizona and includes both the Lesser (most numerous) and Greater subspecies. Located in the southern Sulphur Springs Valley, cranes are coming from both the Rocky Mountain population and Mid-Continental population. The area also supports wintering Snow Geese (80-200) and a few Ross?s Geese (occasional to 40). Counts of Sandhill Cranes in early January have steadily climbed from 4,000 in 1991 to over 22,000 in 2008 at Whitewater Draw, with another 13,000 present 36 miles north in the Willcox Playa area, and another 600 present in the far north of Sulphur Springs Valley at Bonita, AZ, and 400 present in the Safford Valley near Duncan. The Greater subspecies breeds in the northern states of the continental U.S., and the Lesser subspecies, breeds from Alaska and eastern Siberia. (Source:

Every year the town of Wilcox hosts Wings Over Wilcox — Birding and Nature Festival (January 17-20, 2019). Birds have been arriving for weeks now — the birds have their own schedule.

— kenne

Sisters Visit Bisbee And Tombstone   Leave a comment


Sisters Spend Time Together In The Desert — Images by kenne

Sisters Jana, Jeri, Jody and Joy gather in southern Arizona, experiencing the year’s highest temperatures. Unphased, they were here to spend time with Joy on her birthday, which included visiting Bisbee and Tombstone.


Capturing The Moment — Stagecoach Driver   3 comments

Tombstone & Bisbee May 18 2012Stagecoach Driver — Image by kenne

Westward the wagon jolted
along the ruts and trails,
along the interminable course of empire,
while the sun took a long time going down in the fields.

The earth was slow and hard
and there was nothing to see but land:
it was not a country at all
but the sketch of a country,
the material out of which countries are made.

— from “Nebraska, 1883,” by Edward Hirsch

The dust of travel still clings to his body,
and particles of sunlight fade on his skin.
What has happened to the eternal presences?

— from “The Renunciation of Poetry,” by Edward Hirsch


Capturing The Moment — Big Nose Kate’s Saloon   Leave a comment

Justin's Visit

Live Music Everyday!

Justin's Visit

Justin and his mom, Joy.

Justin's Visit

Joy and Kenne

Justin's Visit

Wall decorations.

Justin's Visit

Justin behind the bar — Images by kenne


The Streets Of Tombstone   Leave a comment

Justin's Visit

Justin's Visit

Justin's VisitTombstone on a chilly mid-day in February — Images by kenne

Joy And Kenne — Painting At Big Nose Kate’s Saloon   1 comment

Justin's Visit

Joy and Kenne at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona — Image by kenne from Justin’s Photograph


Capturing The Moment — Boothill Graveyard   Leave a comment

Justin's Visit

Justin's Visit

Justin's VisitJoy and Justin at Boothill In Tombstone — Images by kenne

Justin continues his visit to southern Arizona with a visit to Boothill graveyard in Tombstone, Arizona


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