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Capturing The Moment — Mountain Lion   5 comments

5109ef13309ae.preview-620Image by Jay Carey

Many of us who spend time in Sabino Canyon, and the Tucson area mountains in general, would love to have an opportunity to photograph a mountain lion. Tuesday morning Jay and Nancy Carey were able to video a big cat near the Cactus Panic area, which is where the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalist (SCVN) kindergarten program takes place. This is an area when mountain lions have been spotted  before, so all SCVN are on alert as they work with children. Click the link below to read more in the Arizona Daily Star.



Old Stone House off Yetman Trail   3 comments

Old Stone House off Yetman Trail

Sherry Bowen, a typesetter and later city editor for the Arizona Daily Star, had lived in Rockford, Illinois, but moved to Tucson in the late twenties with the hope that the change in climate would help Ruby Bowen’s serious heart serious heart condition. They lived in town for a few years, before homesteading on 2,000 acres in the Tucson Mountains and started building the stone house in 1931. It took one year to build the house, during which time the Bowen’s lived in a cabin nearby.

At that time, Tucson was still a small town.  The Tucson Mountains terrain was a wilderness frequented by mountain lions and bighorn sheep. Ruby kept a diary while they were building the house. In the diary, she wrote about seeing mountain lions and bighorn sheep in the hills above the house.  In one entry, she wrote of an incident where a mountain lion tried to climb through the window of her cabin while she was cooking some meat!

Ruby’s heart condition did improve, and the Bowen’s had a child in 1943. In 1944 they moved to New York, where Sherry worked for the AP. The land around their house was incorporated into the Tucson Mountain Park in 1983.


(Copy for this entry was prepared from the Tucson Hiking Guide written by Betty Leavengood. Additional Material: GVHC Library File 73)

Images by kenne

Sabino Creek Is Dry — Almost!   13 comments

This was Sabino Creek on September 14th . . .

. . . this was Sabino Creek, October 27th. There was a nice flow after late monsoon rains in September, but as noted in this morning’s Arizona Daily Star, “A brief autumn dry-up of the stream is not uncommon after monsoon rains end. But this year’s rains were sketchy in the canyon, and the forecast shows no promise of moisture to turn the flow on again anytime soon.” (Click here to read more.

The creek has been without a flow since mid-October, making it a little difficult for the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) to conduct one of their elementary school children activities, “Creek Critters,” this past week.

However, a few ponds of water remain, so the schedule of activities along the creek continued.

There was plenty of water for the kids to have fun learning about the unique aquatic and riparian habitats in a desert environment. Few things can out do a day in Sabino Canyon, water flowing or not!

I like going to Sabino Canyon —

I like going to Sabino Canyon,
a place to be with nature.

I like the people there,
sharing feelings with nature.

I like being able to see
the beauty of nature.

I like going to Sabino Canyon —

I like being able to reflect
on nature’s art.

I like close-up encounters
with all things natural.

I like capturing the moment,
drawing inspiration from nature.

I like going to Sabino Canyon —

I like learning new ways
to connect with nature.

I like getting to know me
through the connections.

I like being surprised
by the wonders of nature.

I like going to Sabino Canyon —

I like the feelings of being alive
by walking with nature.

I like knowing that
forever is the life of nature.

I like knowing that
all that is, is nature.

I like going to Sabino Canyon.


(Images by kenne)

Cartoon du jour — Where Can I Find a Bookstore?   1 comment

David Fitzsimmons Arizona Daily Star — Source:

Maybe bookstores need to become Internet Cafe‘s. Or, Starbuck’s should have a book corner rather than the other way around.


Cartoon du jour — Job Wanted   Leave a comment

David Fitzsimmons,Arizona Daily Star, Tucson AZ



Cartoon de jour — Media Guilty On All Counts Of Wasting Time   Leave a comment

David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star — Source:

Media Guilty On All Counts Of Wasting Time!

Capturing the Moment — Wind, Dust & Rain   1 comment

Wind, Dust & Rain Looking North From The Catalina Foothills — July 5, 2011 — Image by kenne

The desert monsoon season can include a dust storm before the rain. We had some dust, with 80 mph winds in parts of the Tucson area, but nothing like that in Phoenix to the north. 


Hiking Up Turkey Run In Summerhaven on Mt. Lemmon   10 comments

Gathering outside the Mount Lemmon Community Center for a hike up Turkey Run & other roads on Mount Lemmon — Image by kenne

An article in Saturday’s Arizona Daily Star began, “Hikers — barred from their favorite high mountain trails because of extreme fire danger — are not about to pull off their boots and backpacks and stay home.”

It’s all about finding alternatives, which is exactly what the groups I hike with have done. Twice a week, we carpool the 25-plus miles to Summerhaven on Mount Lemmon to hike/walk the non-national forest roads on the mountaintop. Although not as secluded and adventurous as the trails, there’s still plenty to see with the help of experienced hikers and naturalist in our groups.

Yesterday we hiked up Turkey Run, starting at the intersection of Turkey Run and Sabino Canyon Park, to other roads nearing the top of the ski-lift area. The following video is of still shots I took. You can also see the individual photos by clicking here.


Cartoon de jour — Arizona WIldfire   1 comment

Source: Steve Benson — Arizona Republic

All we need is another Arizona wildfire. “In Arizona, that includes the Horseshoe 2 Fire, burning for 26 days in the Chiricahua Mountains; the Wallow Fire, which exploded over the past three days in the Bear Wallow Wilderness south of Alpine; and the fast-spreading grass fire near Arivaca known as the Murphy Fire.
Smaller fires with big potential break out daily, including one Wednesday near the Empire Ranch in Las Cienegas National Conservation Area north of Sonoita.” Arizona Daily Star


Cartoon de jour. . . need I say more!   1 comment

Source: David Fitzsimmons,Arizona Daily Star, Tucson AZ

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David Fitzsimmons — Source: Arizona Daily Star

Cartoon de jour   Leave a comment

David Fitzsimmons – Arizona Daily Star — Source:

1.8.11 — Artists Express The People’s Feelings.   2 comments

Artists express people’s feelings.

Artists from around the country touch by the 1.8.11 Tucson tragedy have used their creative skills to help raise money for the victims. A call for visual artists to create a work went out from Bohemia: An Arts Emporium, in Tucson, Suzanne Hodges created “Simple Gifts.” Her work was one of over 100 pieces created by 60 artists that were auctioned off at an event coördinated by Tana Kelch, owner of Bohemia, which raised about $4,000.

Many musicians used the Internet to offer tributes to the victims. Thanks to the established fan bases of Sam Tsui, and Ahmir, a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine” has been viewed by millions of people around the globe. The last image in the video is a handmade poster that says, “Violence solves nothing.” To read more, click here.


(Image Source: Arizona Daily Star)


Cartoon de jour   1 comment

Source: David Fitzsimmons — Arizona Daily Star

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Cartoon de jour — No More Transplants   Leave a comment

Source: Arizona Daily Star — Cartoon by David Fitzsimmons

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