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A Cartoon or An Illustration   1 comment

The New Yorker Cover Story (October 31, 2022) by Sergio García Sánchez

First, let me say I love the work of Sergio García Sánchez. I find it very creative, using clean lines and a lot of symbolism. In the October 31, 2022, issue of The New Yorker, Sánchez uses the backdrop of the Grand Central Terminal for Halloween creators passing through the now busy terminal compared to during the pandemic. 

On May 5, 2020, I did a Cartoon du jour posting of the Sánchez cover of Walt Whitman on The New York Times Book Review cover. I first so it as a cartoon, or was it? Was it an illustration? To answer the question, I turned to David Blumenstein, who wrote a posting on Medium, Illustrations vs. Cartoons vs. Comics. What’s the difference, and when do I use each one?

Generally speaking:

Illustrations can tell you what is happening.

Cartoons can tell you how people are feeling.

That works for me, so the October 31 cover is an illustration. Thank you, David.

— kenne


Cartoon de jour — “IT IS HARD WALKIN’ ON THIS STUFF” Revisited   3 comments

kelly_pogo_earthday IISource:

Walt Kelly’s message, “We have met the enemy and he is us,” which he effectively communicated through Pogo, is a firm but gentle approach at telling the truth. Yet, we are still living in an economic, environmental and moral “garbage dump” now over forty years after Porky and Pogo first looked over their trash filled swamp. Where are the all-wise Pogos’ of the world when we need them?



Cartoon du jour — Job Wanted   Leave a comment

David Fitzsimmons,Arizona Daily Star, Tucson AZ



Cartoon de jour — Media Guilty On All Counts Of Wasting Time   Leave a comment

David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star — Source:

Media Guilty On All Counts Of Wasting Time!

Cartoon de jour — Individuals vs. Corporations   Leave a comment




Cartoon de jour — Apple Is A Religion   Leave a comment




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Cartoon de jour — Happy Birthday, America!   Leave a comment



Cartoon de jour — Why Would We Extend Tax Cuts?   Leave a comment


IT turns out that the good times are even better than we thought for American chief executivesRead more . . .


Cartoon de jour — More Magic   Leave a comment



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Cartoon de jour — Upstream   Leave a comment

“Upstream” — Source: Wulffmorgenthaler

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”   – Dr. Seuss 


Cartoon de jour — All Atwitter   Leave a comment

Source: Nick Anderson/Houston Chronicle



Cartoon de jour — Weapons of War   1 comment

Source: John Sherffius Editorial Cartoons


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Cartoon de jour — Suspicious Minds   Leave a comment

Rob Rogers – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



Cartoon de jour — Arizona WIldfire   1 comment

Source: Steve Benson — Arizona Republic

All we need is another Arizona wildfire. “In Arizona, that includes the Horseshoe 2 Fire, burning for 26 days in the Chiricahua Mountains; the Wallow Fire, which exploded over the past three days in the Bear Wallow Wilderness south of Alpine; and the fast-spreading grass fire near Arivaca known as the Murphy Fire.
Smaller fires with big potential break out daily, including one Wednesday near the Empire Ranch in Las Cienegas National Conservation Area north of Sonoita.” Arizona Daily Star


Cartoon de jour — On This Memorial Day   Leave a comment

In Remembrance —  John Cole — The Scranton Times-Tribune







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