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Painted Lady-3219-KT-2 mixed art blogMixed Media Art by kenne

The media have substituted themselves for the older world.
Even if we should wish to recover that older world
we can do it only by an intensive study of the ways
in which the media have swallowed it.

— Marshall McLuhan


Cartoon de jour — Media Guilty On All Counts Of Wasting Time   Leave a comment

David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star — Source:

Media Guilty On All Counts Of Wasting Time!

Ecosystem: A Tool of the Truth Revolution   Leave a comment

downloadI’m on an email list titled “friends.” (Speaking of lists, check out David Pogoe’s blog posting on “…being on somebodies list.”) Larry is the sender, someone whom I’ve known since the early sixties when I was living in the Chicago area. I can’t recall ever receiving anything from Larry that would cause me to “second” it.  By not telling him that he just doesn’t get it, I’m able to maintain knowledge as to where the political far right is coming.

Today, Larry sent this cartoon.  Knowing Larry, the message is the old warn out “liberal biased media.” (Note, Fox is not one of the rats.) However, what you really have depicted is the “establishment media following the establishment politics. Neither is fundamentally concerned about the truth. Both spin it, both for money.

imagesTo depict what is really happening in this age of ecosystem blogging, citizen journalism, Twittering and other Internet-age information sharing is a revolution for the truth, an illustration using the American Revolution image with lots of “Dick & Jane” citizens following. Large daily newspapers are dying, next will be the “non-journalistic” talking heads.

“If only there were some institution that had a reputation for integrity and a staff of trained journalists that had thousands of people visiting their websites every day.” – Steven Johnson

As it is with all elements of human thought, not everyone agrees on this new paradigm on news as being good.  Click here for the evil side.

It also should be noted that 63% of Americans say the press hurts democracy. Go figure!


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