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The Shutdown Hasn’t Stop Volunteers from Providing Services In Sabino Canyon   2 comments


Sabino Canyon Recreational Area in the Coronado National Forest
has been impacted by the government shutdown
yet remains open to the public with 
the help of volunteer organizations,
Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) 
and the Santa Catalina Volunteer Patrol (SCVP)
continuing to provide their services to the public.

bob veranes-72

One of the programs provided by the SCVN is daily
environmental education programs for k-6 students.

Each August teachers reserved a date to bring their class
to the Canyon starting in October.

debbie bird-72

Because of the shutdown, the Forest Service agreed
to make sure all trash is removed and 
the restrooms are clean
in the areas where the environmental education programs are taking place.

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Teachers select from six programs designed to meet “core curriculum” goals.

Jan Labiner-72.jpgImages by kenne

This past Thursday’s program was “Back To the Past.”
Students learned
about the nature Americans
who lived in Sabino Canyon hundreds of years ago.

— kenne

“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth
who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience,
and just plain loving one another.”

– Erma Bombeck

Music In The Canyon, A Photo Essay   7 comments

Music In The Canyon, A Photo Essay by kenne (To see larger images in a slideshow format, click on any of the above images.)

Yesterday, Friends of Sabino Canyon had their annual Music In The Canyon fund-raising event and from all appearances, it was a resounding success. Both the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) and the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Patrol (SCVP) were among the many volunteers helping to contribute to the event’s success. By having a children’s area and SCVN information/recruitment booth, we were able to not only entertain children, but show event goers some of the programs we are able to conduct for the community with funds generated by Friends of Sabino Canyon.

This photo essay starts before the gates opened at 11:00 am to after 3:00 pm, which I was able to take during breaks from helping man the SCVN booth. 


listen to nature

and hear the music of life

life pursues music

— kenne

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