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Life Turned Around   3 comments

Turned Around — Image by kenne

Turned around,
Here am I.
Knowing how,
Not the why.

Young in heart
Old in age.
Feeling the itch,
Pacing the cage.

Inner peace,
Knowing the thou.
Learning to write
Thesis of now.

Turned around,
Found love.
Living the moment,
Free as a dove.

Still learning,
When to talk.
Listening for,
Beat of the walk.

Reality is now,
Truth in the heart.
Singing the knowledge,
Requiem to smart.

Turned around,
Found beauty in art.
Traveling the future,
With Dylan and Descartes

— kenne

Pushing The Edge   1 comment

Tucson Rodeo 2014-0172_blogPushing the Edge — Image by kenne


the edge of where you are
to find out where you are not.

In order to arrive there
you must wrestle with words

and their meaning by
going the way of ignorance,

for it’s only from ignorance
that we gain knowledge.

— kenne

Last Day For The Tucson Rodeo   3 comments

Tucson Rodeo 02-17-13Images by kenne

Today was the last day of the 2013 Tucson Rodeo. This posting contain some of the images I captured last Sunday.


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Capturing The Moment — Rodeo Weekend ‘Friday With Friends’   Leave a comment

Friday with Friends -- 02-15-13

Tucson Rodeo Weekend ‘Friday with Friends’ — Images by kenne

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