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Cowgirls Along The Arizona Trail   2 comments

Sycamore Reservoir

Sycamore ReservoirImages by kenne


Cowgirls are special and work hard every day
They feed their own horses, and stack their own hay
They know who they are, and where they are from
Their family comes first, but when the chores are all done

We get in the saddle in rain or in shine
It’s not the destination, but the thrill of the ride! 
On horseback all our problems just slip away
Just workin’ and playin’ the cowgirl way.

— Kathleen West


The following is from Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

“Sissy: You really don’t believe in political solutions do you?The Chink: I believe in political solutions to political problems. But man’s primary problems aren’t political; they’re philosophical. Until humans can solve their philosophical problems, they’re condemned to solve their political problems over and over and over again. It’s a cruel, repetitious bore.

Sissy: Well, then, what are the philosophical solutions?

The Chink: Ha ha ho ho and hee hee. That’s for you to find out. I’ll say this much and no more: there’s got to be poetry. And magic. At every level. If civilization is ever going to be anything but a grandiose pratfall, anything more than a can of deodorizer in the shithouse of existence, then statesmen are going to have to concern themselves with magic and poetry. Bankers are going to have to concern themselves with magic and poetry. Time magazine is going to have to write about magic and poetry. Factory workers and housewives are going to have to get their lives entangled in magic and poetry.

Sissy: Do you think such a thing can ever happen?

The Chink: If you understood poetry and magic, you’d know that it doesn’t matter.” 


Last Day For The Tucson Rodeo   3 comments

Tucson Rodeo 02-17-13Images by kenne

Today was the last day of the 2013 Tucson Rodeo. This posting contain some of the images I captured last Sunday.


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Capturing The Moment — Ride um Cowgirl   1 comment

Tucson Rodeo 02-17-13

Tucson Rodeo 02-17-13

Tucson Rodeo 02-17-13

Tucson Rodeo 02-17-13

La Fiesta de los Vaqueros/Tucson Rodeo Barrel Racing — Images by kenne

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