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Capturing The Moment — Rodeo Weekend ‘Friday With Friends’   Leave a comment

Friday with Friends -- 02-15-13

Tucson Rodeo Weekend ‘Friday with Friends’ — Images by kenne

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Capturing The Moment — Friday With Friends   1 comment

“Welcome to Friday with Friends” — Images by kenne

Each month the Welcome Wagon – Tucson Northeast has a “Friday with Friends” potluck gathering with a different member hosting the event. This month the hosts were Tiffany & Jim Withers.

The coordinator of these monthly events is Joy Otrey, which means I have been drafted to help at each Friday with Friends. This month Joy asked me to take photos that could be shared, with some going in the newsletter. Because all the images were taken without a flash (my choice), to take advantage of the interior lighting, the trade-off is a poor depth-of-field, creating some focus problems. 

The slideshow contains some of the snapshots taken at the November event.


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