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Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers On Green Mountain Trail   1 comment

Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers On Green Mountain Trail — HDR Image by kenne

Indian paintbrush

Red flowers on Green Mountain

Beautiful moments

— kenne

Indian Paintbrush Wildflower   Leave a comment

Indian Paintbrush Wildflower — Photo-Artistry Image kenne

You Indian Paintbrush of Red   1 comment

Indian Paint Brush (1 of 1) grunge blogImage by kenne

You Indian paintbrush of red!
You in your mountain home!
You dancing with your shadow!
You lady in red among gold and blue!
You of short September sun!
You neighbor to running water!
You native of the Americas’ west!
You of captured beauty!

You named of Domingo Castillejo!
You of limited time!

— kenne

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