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“Just Through Loving You” — Julie Bonk   Leave a comment

Ken & Mary's Blues Project-8575 blogMary Bonk, Guthrie Kennard and George Bearishill on the stage at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project. — Images and video by kenne

People who love live music in a “house concert” format in the greater Houston area are aware of the work Mary and Kenneth Harris have done for the last 20 years. When it comes to house concerts it’s difficult to beat the live events they conduct in the piney woods of east Texas.

Ken & Mary's Blues Project-8555 Julie blogJulie Bonk

The headliner for this fall’s event was Guthrie Kennard with Julie Bonk. 

Ken and Mary first heard Julie at Camp Stupid at the Kerrville Folk Festival in 2012.

At one point in the evening, Julie did a solo singing one of her songs, “Just Through Loving You.”


“Down In A Country Town” — Porter, Texas   Leave a comment

Guthrie Kennard-8553blogGuthrie Kennard and Julie Bonk at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project — Image and video by kenne

As a previous posting stated, Guthrie Kennard and Julie Bonk were the headliners in Ken & Mary’s 20th year of the Blues Project at their place in Porter, Texas — what a night!

I have additional images and video I will be posting “on down the road.”

A big thanks to Ken & Mary for continuing the tradition of providing great live music in east Texas.


Ken & Mary’s Blues Project 20 Years Out   Leave a comment

Ken & Mary's Blues ProjectKen & Mary Harris, 2008, The 2013 Edition is This Saturday — Image by kenne

Jonn Richardson and Rich DelGrosso were the 2011 headliners.

Capturing The Moment — Blues In The East Texas Woods   Leave a comment

WIP & Porter DavisThe PorterDavis Band at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project in East Texas, October 17, 2009. — Image by kenne

PorterDavis Band at Austin’s Threadgill’s south during SXSW, 2009.

Blues In The Woods — Part I   2 comments

Jonn Del Toro Richardson and Rich DelGrosso with their Band — Image by kenne

Surrounded by family and many friends, last night Joy and I experienced blues in the woods at Ken and Mary’s 2011 Fall Music Festival in Porter, Texas. What we saw was more than a moment can capture, more than we can tell you, more than words can say. Still, I will be sharing more in later postings.


Last Minute Plug For Ken and Mary’s “Fall Music Festival” House Concert   4 comments

Ken & Mary Harris with Kenne & Joy Image by kenne

Joy and I are on a special trip to Houston to spend time with family and friends and we are being blessed with great fall weather — the folks here need it after the summer they have experienced. (We brought it with us from Tucson!)

One of the things we will be doing while here, which will include both family and friends, is attending our great friends “Ken & Mary’s Fall Music Festival” — for over fifteen years called “Ken & Mary’s Blues Project.” As announced in a previous posting, this year’s music will be provided by two friends and super blues musicians, Rich DelGrosso and Jonn Del Toro Richardson. Their latest album (Time Slips By) deputed #4 on The Living Blues Radio Chart back in February. As always, there will be other musicians sitting in as the evening goes on.


Sonny Boy Terry & Michael Durbin @ Ken & Mary’s, Revised   2 comments

Sonny Boy Terry & Michael Durbin at Conroe’s Corner Pub — Image by kenne

I wasn’t doing video on the night Sonny Boy and Michael appeared at the Corner Pub, but I had the camera going when they were at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, October 28, 2008, with the Moe Hansum Band and Rich Del Grosso.

I love the music of all these guys, especially when they are part of the great jams at Ken & Mary’s house concerts. (See video below.)

We are planning on being in Houston in October when Rich Del Grosso and Jonn Del Toro Richardson will be at Ken & Mary’s. Rich and Jonn have a new CD out and are nominated the Blues Blast Magazine Traditional Blues Recording of the Year. You can vote for them by clicking here. You can learn more about Rich & Jonn, and listen to their music by clicking here.


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Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso — Amazing Grace, Revised   2 comments

In the spirit of the Season, I’m again posting a video recorded at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, October 2009. I have been fortunate to see Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso play together on many a occassion. Together they create a natural down-home feel that is best exemplified by their rendition of Amazing Grace. This was the last tune they did before the next band. Darkness had settled in and the resulting video is a little dark, so I included some still photos along with the dark video footage to give the viewer a better feel. However, it’s the audio that really counts. This tune is always a request of Ken & Mary at their house concerts.


Capturing the Moment — Ken & Mary’s Blues Project Revisited   2 comments

Ashton Savoy, Moe Hansum Band, AJ Murphy, Ken Harris and others at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, October, 2002 —
Image by kenne

Moe Hansum Band, Ashton Savoy and others at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, October, 2002 —
Image by kenne

Ashton Savoy and Colin Brooks (The Band of Heathens) and others at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, October, 2002 —
Image by kenne

Sonny Boy Terry and John McVey   1 comment

John McVey & Sonny Boy Terry – Image by kenne

In a previous posting, I noted that Sonny Boy Terry and John McVey preformed a Kenneth Harris’ retirement party, May 28, 2010. Here’s a video of one of their bluesy songs.


“I Need Me (A Whole Lot More Than I Need You)”   Leave a comment

Image by kenne

At Ken & Mary’s Blues Project Spring Fling, Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers performed several tunes from their new CD (Wrong Is What I Do Best), one of which is I Need Me (A Whole Lot More Than I Need You).”


Ken & mary’s Blues Project Goes Honky Tonk   Leave a comment

Image by kenne

Ken & Mary’s Blues Project is all about a love for music, music with plenty of down deep feeling, and there is a fine line that separates genre’s of good music. So, it’s not surprising that Ken & Mary had Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers at their Spring Fling event. What a joy!  Hey, how could you not love her, she loves to blog.


Ken & Mary’s Blues Project “Spring Fling” – April 24th   5 comments

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s Time for Ken & Mary’s Blues Project “Spring Fling”

Here’s what Mary and Kenneth has to say about their next house concert:

For Spring Fling we are going a “little bit country” by hosting Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers on April 24th. We have been talking to Miss Leslie for over a year about having her play on the ‘Project stage. Her old time country style is 50’s and 60’s with a true honky tonk sound.  Vocally she will remind you of Pasty Cline mixed with Loretta Lynn and a few other real country singers.  Her current cd Honky Tonk Revival has been out for a few years and she is releasing a second one this month. Can’t wait to hear it. We love the first one. Check her out at

We will have our usual variety of smoked meats to set out at 6:30pm. Bring a side dish to share, your lawn chair, cooler with beverage of choice, and plan for a great night of music. As always, musicians are welcome to bring their instruments for the ’round the fire pit song swap.

See you at The Blues Project!!

Mary and Kenneth

(Images by kenne)

Amazing Grace — Sonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso Revised   1 comment

Sonny Boy Terry & Rich DelGrosso – image by kenne

On the 11th of this past November, I posted an entry with a video of Sonny Boy Terry and Rich DelGrosso playing “Amazing Grace.” Because of lighting, the video was on the dark side. So, with Sonny Boy Terry’s encouragement, I have redone the video using a combination of photos and video.


Charlie Parker — Friends of the Blues Tribute   3 comments

Image by kenne

Blues Up Stairs

Are we not all
standing in line
at heaven’s door?
who’s number
will be next.

Many are called
when they are ready,
most are not.
But, all are called before
others are ready
to pass through the door
to the big house of blues
that’s always rocking.

The house of the blues
where the music
goes on and on
at the house
with no last time around.
Charlie Parker,
your music
and images will remain.

Even as we
all wait to hear
our number called
to enter the ever-rocking
house of the blues,
the music goes on.
Until them,
we will miss you.


T99 Nelson, Charlie Parker & AJ Murphy – Image by kenne

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