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Sonny Boy Terry and John McVey   1 comment

John McVey & Sonny Boy Terry – Image by kenne

In a previous posting, I noted that Sonny Boy Terry and John McVey preformed a Kenneth Harris’ retirement party, May 28, 2010. Here’s a video of one of their bluesy songs.


Kenneth Harris’ Retirement Party   5 comments

This past week, Kenneth Harris entered the ranks of the retired. Some of his friends and family were able to celebrate the occasion in the usual Ken & Mary style, plenty of food, drink, great conversation and the best blues this side of the piney-woods. After listening to John McVey and Sonny Boy Terry’s first blues set, people gathered to march behind Ken to the burial site to bury his job. Only Ken would create such a rite!

As always, the music was great!  Sonny knows how to always surround himself with the best blues guitar players in the business, this time bringing John McVey out to Ken & Mary’s.


p.s.  I was able to get some video, which I will be posting later.

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