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The Blues Is Poetry   2 comments

Ken and Mary Dancing to Porterdavis (October 2007) — Image by kenne

You Don’t Have to Go

Whoa, babyYou don’t have ta go
Whoa, babyYou don’t have ta go
I’m gonna pack up darlin’Down the road I go
Well now, I give you all my moneyThen ya go downtown,An’ you get back in the evenin’Told me, walked down town
Whoa baby, you don’t have ta goI’m gonna pack up darlin’Down the road I go
Whoa baby, honey what’s wrong wich’ you?Whoa baby, honey what’s wrong wich’ you?Well you don’t treat me darlin’, like you used to do

Two Years Later, Porterdavis was back in Porter, Texas, at The Ken & Mary Blues Project Doing A Muddy Waters Cover, “Can’t Be Satisfied.”

Capturing The Moment — Blues In The East Texas Woods   Leave a comment

WIP & Porter DavisThe PorterDavis Band at Ken & Mary’s Blues Project in East Texas, October 17, 2009. — Image by kenne

PorterDavis Band at Austin’s Threadgill’s south during SXSW, 2009.

PorterDavis @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, Contin. . .   1 comment

Porter Davis  8012 - 2009-10-17 blog

Porter Davis  8042 - 2009-10-17 blog

PorterDavis  Dan Barrett 8029 - 2009-10-17 Art V blogDaniel Barrett

PorterDavis CD Cover0001 blog“No Americana collection is complete without the latest album from porterdavis.  It’s nuclear bad-ass on a stick times twelve.” –Shayne Hollinger/ Music Director for Mandatory FM

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