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Crossing Creek On West Fork Trail   Leave a comment

The SCVN Friday Hike last week was to Hutch’s Pool. This is a hike that is about eight miles from Tram Stop 9, which saves another eight miles by not hiking from the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center. About twenty hikers were hiking the Sabino Canyon Trail to the intersection of West Fork and East Fork trails. The East Fork goes to Sycamore Canyon, the West Fork to Hutch’s Pool. There are two water crossing to Hutch’s Pool, the first providing the lesser challenges of the two. Still, on this day the water was swift, just below the knee and ice cold.

Because of recent rains and snowmelt on Mt. Lemmon, the water flow was much higher than normal causing most hikers to turn back or take the East Fork to Sycamore Canyon. Five hikers decided to go on to Hutch’s Pool. The images and video or of their return crossing at the creek near where the Fork trail connects to the Sabino Canyon Trail.

Crossing Creek On West Fork Trail — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the images for a larger view in a slideshow format.)

Video by kenne

Children of Achelous   Leave a comment

west-fork-trail-blogSwollen Streams in the Canyon — Image by kenne  

We are children

of the canyon,


by nature’s beauty.

Once hearing

the sound of water

rushing over rocks

and around boulders,

carrying the spirit

of the mountains,

we are drawn to

its siren call — 


children of Achelous.

— kenne 

A Raven Morning   2 comments

scvn-nature-walk-01-18-12-raven-art-blog-iiA Raven Morning — Grunge Art by kenne

A raven morning

Darkness is fading away

But leave us the wind.

— kenne


Modern Footprints On The Trail   2 comments

footprints-0179-blog-iiModern Footprints On The Trail — Image by kenne

Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Kill nothing but time.

— John Muir


A Morning Delight Above The Sabino Dam   1 comment

hookers-evening-primrose-0159-3-art-blogHooker’s Evening Primrose (December 12, 2016) — Image by kenne

It has been warmer than average for this time of year.
Except for a few small pools of water, Sabino Creek is dry.
Yet, above the  Sabino Dam, a bee and I found this lone
Hooker’s Evening Primrose — a very pleasant surprise.

— kenne

Desert Silhouette   7 comments

Dead Saguaro Shadow_0899-ghost-of-desert-past-blog“Desert Silhouette” 

Desert Silhouette

A dead saguaro

Stands silhouetted

Against the morning sky

A darken symbol of life

As a lone hiker looks up

From the trail below

Still in the canyon shadow

Pondering the meaning

Of this dark creature

As shadows move

Down the canyon walls

Vanishing the silhouette

And any creature thoughts

Only to leave behind

The remains of what was

A Sonoran desert giant.

— kenne

Ash Throated Flycatcher   1 comment

Ash throated Flycatcher (1 of 1) blogAsh Throated Flycatcher in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

This morning was my first opportunity in awhile to go on the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) Tuesday Nature Walk. The naturalists that conduct these walks in Sabino Canyon are very good, so I’m always learning something new each time I can make it out. The nice thing about being with them is I can photograph a bird, reptile, insect or plant and get the name immediately rather than calling or emailing someone later.

Jerry Bird, a fellow classmate from the 2011 SCVN class spotted a ash throated flycatcher — Bird is a very good birder. Most of the time is not easy to photograph the small birds in the desert, they are frequently behind the many limbs they keep jumping to and from. Jerry pointed out this ash throated Flycatcher in a distant mesquite tree, After several attempts, this one is not bad considering the conditions.


Sabino Creek Mallard Duck   Leave a comment

Mallard Duck (1 of 1) blogSabino Creek Mallard Duck (March 31, 2016) — Image by kenne
This is my second attempt at posting the image. In the first posting the image was not there.


Never Mistake a Clear View for a Short Distance   Leave a comment

Never Mistake a Clear View for a Short Distance (1 of 1) blog Paul SaffoImage by kenne

At Sunrise, Tunuri Meets Father Sun   Leave a comment

Sunrise (1 of 1)_edit painting blog IIIDesert Sunrise — Computer Painting by kenne

Tunuri began to walk, following this flower trail.

He walked up a high hill and standing in the 

sun at the vary top was the Blue Deer. Tunuri

ran up to him and saw the sun shining brightly 

in the sky. As he enjoyed its warmth on his skin,

he heard a strong, kind voice speak.

“Hello, Tunuri! I am Father Sun.”

from The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer: A Huichol Indian Story by James Endredy


Phainopepla Grunge Art   3 comments

phainopepla (1 of 1) art blogPhainopepla Grunge Art by kenne

“The Phainopepla is the Johnny Appleseed of the mistletoe plant. As it feeds, its droppings help to spread the mistletoe seed to other host trees. It is the northern most bird of a group of tropical birds known as Silky Flycatchers. The Phainopepla has shiny looking feathers which gives it its name, which means “Shining Robe”.  These birds are closely related to the Waxwings.” Source: Birding Information

A White-Winged Dove Returns to Sabino Canyon   1 comment

Whitewinged Dove (1 of 1)-3 grunge Art blog
A White-Winged Dove Returns to Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Events are always perceived

with reference to a particular

frame. In another system of coordinates,

the same events are not the same.

— Albert Einstein

Saguaro Blossoms   5 comments

Saguaro Blossoms In Sabino Canyon — Images by kenne

A very dry spring

Hasn’t slowed cactus blossoms —

Saguaros in March.

— kenne

Things Are Jumping In Sabino Canyon   2 comments

Creek Frog (1 of 1) blog“Things are Jumping in Sabino Canyon” (Canyon Tree Frog, March 23, 2016) — Image by kenne


Thistle Time Of Year   Leave a comment

thistle (1 of 1) blog.jpgThistle (Sabino Canyon, March 17, 2016) — Image by kenne

I like to think

a thistle is an educated weed

that likes growing

where people want something else.

— kenne

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