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Turkey Vulture Time   Leave a comment

It’s That Turkey Vulture Time of Year — Image by kenne

The number of turkey vultures migrating through Tanure Ridge each day is increasing.

Turkey Vultures Migrating North   2 comments

Turkey Vultures Migrating North Image by kenne

The Tanque Verde Wash is an overnight home for turkey vultures
migrating through the Tucson area every October and March.

— kenne

Migrating Turkey Vultures   2 comments

Migrating Turkey Vultures Near The Tanque Verde Wash — Fine Marker Drawing by kenne

They arrive each spring

Hundreds resting overnight

Morning departure.

— kenne

Migration South   1 comment

Universal Flight” — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“When a person really desires something,
all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”

“. . .when we strive to become better than we are,
everything around us becomes better, too.”

“The closer one gets to realizing his destiny,
the more that destiny becomes his true reason for being.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Capturing The Moment — Turkey Vultures Migrating North   Leave a comment

Migrating Turkey Vultures Warming Up In The Morning Sun — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the images to see a slideshow, or go to Flickr to see the full set.)

It’s that time of year when turkey vultures are migrating north, actually it’s been going on for about two weeks now.

We live on the north side of the Tanque Verde wash across from the Tucson Country Club. In the late afternoon the turkey vultures come from the south, roosting in the golf course’s eucalyptus trees — moving across the wash to sun at daybreak for more exposure to the sun. The sunning serves at least two important purposed, (1) to warm up before continuing their flight north, (2) to bake any bacteria that may picked-up from foraging.

Watching and photographing these big birds is a joy, having posted several entries over the last three years. You can use the search function (turkey vultures) to see previous postings. Also, you can see the complete set (over 60 images) of the most recent images at my Flickr account: where you can click the slideshow icon in the upper right corner for a full-screen view.


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