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Panorama View from Kickback Rock   Leave a comment

UntitledKickback Rock Panoramic-1-blogPanorama View from Kickback Rock in the Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

Hike to Kickback Rock,
Sit your ass down and kick back,
Dreaming the good life.

— kenne

Mushrooms As A Metaphor   Leave a comment

Kickback Rock 07-30-12Kickback Rock Mushroom — Computer Art by kenne

Mushrooms as a Metaphor

“. . . there are several types of mushrooms: some are edible while others are poisonous. Hence the mushroom represents the uncertainty in today’s world where one is unsure of one’s step, having to be cautious because what lies ahead could be either beneficial or unsafe.”

— Sunday Times, November 12, 2006

Kickback Rock — Sit Your Ass Down And Kickback   Leave a comment

Kickback Rock 07-30-12

Kickback Rock 07-30-12Kickback Rock — Images by kenne

Sometimes you need to

Set your ass down and kickback,

You can’t beat the few.

— kenne

Kickback Rock — Sit Your Ass Down And Kickback   5 comments

Sign On Tree Located Next To Kickback Rock — Images by kenne

The monday morning hiking group recently hiked the trail down into Rose Canyon, on Mt. Lemmon, to Kickback Rock — “Sit Your Ass Down And Kickback.”


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