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Hats — Halo of Happiness   Leave a comment

“Hats” — HDR Image by kenne

Hats are like a halo of happiness.

— An Na

Hats   Leave a comment

Love of Hats-13600-2011-06-05-hats-blogHats — Image by kenne

Give me sunglasses
under a wide-brimmed hat —
so forever cool.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — I Love Hats   6 comments

Hats-13600-2011-06-05-hats-blog“Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .” Image by kenne

I love hats
The way they look

I was made for hats
Some are made for me

I put them on
Look at myself

I take them off
Don’t like the feel

I did this for years
On, off — on, off

I would still buy hats
Place on the closet shelf

I didn’t always need a hat
Sometime, maybe a cap

I like caps with names
A walking ad

I was always inside
More than outside

I moved to the desert
More time outside

I spend hours hiking
Always wearing a hat

I love hats
Finally I’m cool

— kenne

Green Mountain Trail

Capturing the Moment — Hats   3 comments

“Hats” — Image by kenne

A captured image along the midway of the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival, June 5, 2011.



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